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  1. I finally have a concrete idea for my debut mission. Builder monasteries and fish ponds are involved as the backdrop. (Also, my planned protagonist gets introduced, as well as a new TDM-verse town.) Now to iron out the objectives developments and the plot twists to the basic storyline...

    1. Sotha


      Excellent! My advice for new mission authors is always the same: start with a small mission.

    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Sorry for such a late reply, but yeah, I intend the first mission to be fairly small. A single building complex of monastic Builders, with two or three smaller outdoor areas (a cloister, a herb garden, a larger garden with fish ponds). Nothing bigger. Now that I've gained some experience in DR and I'm gaining editing confidence, I feel more comfortable posting this, as I'll start work on the FM soon. :-)

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