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  1. Grandma tries to feed me with secretly hidden flesh, because she thinks I'm too skinny. Hah! You won't fool me!

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    2. Sotha


      Toni's comment sounds like a readable from some horror TDM FM.

    3. Obsttorte


      How can you feed someone with something hidden? Grandma wants you to eat it, but she hides it so you can't find it. But you don't care anyways because you don't wanna eat it that's why she wants you to eat it what's causing here to hide it...

      Sorry, missed the point. :(

    4. SeriousToni


      Ah I can see - haha how funny! Well I hope to find that quote in a future FM guys! :D Obsttorte: I only eat it, if I don't find meat in it but sometimes she buts it in, then I don't simply eat it. Got it? :)

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