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  1. I just dreamed that I was on a Dark Tranquility concert and then the vocalist took me out of the massive crowd on the stage just to leave it with me and the band together. We went to the back stage where they showed me a game they were developing with the crowd outside waiting for the next song. Then we went out for dinner and ice skating in an abandoned mall. lol

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    2. freyk


      Thanks for sharing this dream.

      In every dream, there is a message to yourself. To get this message use a dreamsymbols dictionary.

    3. SeriousToni


      @freykWell I'm not sure what to search for in the dictionary, since it was a pretty complex situation. My guess would be that I miss the guys from DT and the live concerts.. and the alcohol haha :D

    4. freyk


      In the following dreamsymbols dictionary


      Search for keywords: concert, vocal, stage, etc.

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