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  1. I should be able to beta test some missions. Built a new 5700G + GTX 970 system.

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    2. jaxa


      Nope. But it seems to work fine, and it should be a little over 3x the performance of the 5700G's Vega 8.

      Rembrandt is expected to double graphics performance over Cezanne. It's possible that the Phoenix iGPU after that could reach desktop GTX 970 performance.

    3. duzenko


      I have a 2011 6850 and it's still faster than 2021 vega 6

      OTOH the IGP is sharing 20W thermals with the CPU, so I'm saving a coffee on every electricity bill LOL

    4. jaxa


      Just going by the charts on TechPowerUp, Vega 8 (Cezanne) should be slightly faster than that 6850. Then in a few months, RDNA2 12 CU (Rembrandt) should double Vega 8 perf, although I think it might be more like a 115% improvement. That APU would be the first one using DDR5 memory which contributes to the improvement. From then on, it's speculation. I would hope to see RDNA3 and an increase to 16 CUs in Phoenix given it would be on TSMC 5nm, and then it beats me what Strix Point would have, other than RDNA4.

      The end result is that in less than 5 years, laptop/desktop APUs are usable at 1440p or even 4K. Intel is not standing still either, and could be tripling/quadrupling the size of their iGPUs (e.g. 320 execution units instead of 80-96).

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