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  1. If you find the new Beatles song "Now and Then", which was created with the help of AI, totally boring, then you should better play the mission of the same name by our esteemed mission maker friend joebarnin, because the latter is actually a creative milestone!

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    2. JackFarmer


      @datiswous You are right, no doubt about that! 😆

    3. chakkman


      Whoever had the Schnapsidee to let A.I. write music should be crucified anyway. ;)

    4. Arcturus


      The song was not written by AI. They simply separated piano and vocal in the Lennon's 1970s demo recording. The song is from the same demo tape as the two songs released in 1995.

      They already used the same "AI" tool in the "Get back" documentary to isolate conversations.

      Here's the original recording:

      And here's a comparison of the two versions:

      "Revolver" album was also remastered this way last year. Most Beatles records were made on a 4 track and thanks to machine learning instruments can be separated and remixed.


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