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  1. I have to turn off "Post Processing" elsewise it willl turn the screen upside down, yes. Just pulling the Bloom intensity to "0" doesn't help.
  2. I recently got a new lcd screen. Now I am working on the new one (1920x1080) and the old one (1024x768) together in enhanced desktop mode. I find this useful for many applications, but as I tried to start my Dark Radiant 1.5 today, it doesn't work anymore. When Dark Radiant has loaded, I can navigate through the menus, but there's a glitch in the four windows as there is no grid, nor rendered preview. And everything that was once above of one of the 4 views, it stays there forever. I didn't had the glitch before (as I were using just one monitor). As I put off my old monitor, so that only
  3. (Disable UAC) 1) Update your motherboard chipset drivers 2) Uninstall your video drivers completely and use a driver cleaner utility to remove any remnants 3) Install the last known working WHQL drivers for your OS Once those steps are done, please post a screen of your Device Manager showing that your hardware is now recognized. Other than the above, also check that Doom 3 is white-listed in your Security Software...
  4. nbohr1more have done that, but did not work. But we are getting closer to make it work because it started to go black to load but showed error. Aluminium, i have not upgraded my video card, because tdm was working last week. the only thing ive done was to go into my nvidia consloe trying to solve the problem the game run way to fast even though i force the refresh rate 60 but still the same problem for thief 2 thanks Silent Warrior
  5. They are properly black. By the way, I have made sure from day 1 to have overscan OFF and I've never had a reason to turn it on.
  6. Do you know what your motherboard model is? Or which chipset it uses? (Possibly terrible translation ) Savez-vous ce que votre modèle de carte mère est? Ou qui chipset qu'elle utilise? ***************** If not please install CPU-Z and click the "Mainboard" tab then post a screen: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html (Another translation): Si ce n'est pas s'il vous plaît installer CPU-Z et cliquez sur "Carte mère"puis après un écran
  7. I've done this now: it says height 1080 width 1920 fullscreen 1 mode -1 aspectratio 1 EDIT: aspectratio in base-folder was still 0. This may change automaticly after game start to 1 because of the screen size settings.Though, I changed it manually now to 1.
  8. well, I have been running 10.9 on my Radeon HD5870 untill i sold it. I had tried 11.1a, 11.11 & 11.11a and they all had screen flicker issues and the upside down sky without disabling Ai issue. 11.12 the latest catalysts is the most stable of the 11 series driver, but has the new CCC interface. So my 2 cents always use a gfx drive that was optimized for your generation of gfx card, so in your case it would be the same as my 5870, so ccc 10.9.
  9. Just getting back to this: Google gives about 2.4 million hits for 1360x768, and about 34 million hits for 1366x768. So how widespread is this really? Edit: Here is an explanation: http://hd.engadget.com/2006/04/21/whats-the-deal-with-1366-x-768/ Apparently all TVs have about 3% "Overscan" (they ignore and throw away a few extra pixels because they expect some extra information encoded in them), and the problem might only appear if: * you have a TV (no a computer monitor) * it cannot deal with a computer resolution by throwing away the extra pixels * AND you cannot force it to be in
  10. When I first set a 4:3 resolution and then go back to 16:9 it works for me. But it seems like some of the upper screen is cut out (my bow shooting center isnt the center of the screen). I guess I'll just have to play on some lower 4:3 resolution.. (edit: native screen resolution is 1920:1080)
  11. Can you clarify that you formatted some days ago and since then you've installed the latest drivers for your graphics card? You have updated Dark Mod by running tdm_updater. FMs install OK In your pm you said "because having launched the fm I have the message " doom 3 met a problem and has to close ". So... Dark Mod runs but the FMs crash - is that when you first try launch them or at the moment you expect them to start? eg, after the title screen shows? Have you tried a very small FM like Thief's Den or there is a blackjack tester that's probably even smaller.
  12. If increasing the resolution causes a crash, I'd say that is a pretty good case that the textures consume more graphic RAM. If I were a betting man I would say that the normal maps could probably be excluded from suspicion (since normal map compression is not used in most cases anyway) but the textures with enhanced details might compress differently. Most compression schemes greatly reduce redundant data (like a large string of red pixels) but if you have lots of varied detail, then all that variation must be kept as a larger data-set (if you put pretty little cracks in your brick texture,
  13. Lowering screen resolution and AA settings has fixed this problem for a couple of other users. If that does not help, please post a conDump.
  14. I got a new screen and a new graphics card. I run TDM at 1920x1080 and I have "fish eye optics", which means that the objects and brushes which are far from the screens center are stretched some way. Looks like I have a 270° field of view. It gets even worse if I lean on an edge with "Q" or "E". Someone's already encountered this? My GPU is ATI Radeon 5770.
  15. I have trouble running a majority of the FMs. For example, the second mission of No Honour Among Thieves chrashes after the loading screen, while the first one runs without a problem. This is what I get in the error console I would attach the ConDump, but although it is stated otherwise in the console, the game does not create a textfile inth FM's folder. Other missions tht crash are e.g. Return to the City, The Rift, Somewhere Above the City, the Caduceus of St. Alban and St. Albans Cathedral. I never encountered any errors running the Thomas Porter series. Any ideas on what I can do to
  16. Greebo, it's definitely not working. I've tried what Niels suggested and installed the Cat App, to no avail. Then I used the command line (Eingabeaufforderung) and typed in "tdmlauncher.exe H:\Games\Doom3\darkathena.exe" (obviously I was in the right directory and had renamed "Doom 3" to "Doom3" before). Same thing, screen upside down. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Right. I already had changed the "o" screen, it seems to be better now: Although the arrows need to be shifted a bit left to be center of the "Objectives" text, where the red line is. Will do so now. Done. Also moved them a few pixels down, so that even with three lines there is hopefully no overlap.
  18. Not quite the same thing but I saw that if I clicked left mouse while a readable was on screen: My blackjack hand would stay raised until I clicked attack again. This was playing 'the Transaction', the first mission I've played with TDM 1.04. In previous versions I think I'd get a normal BJ swing if I clicked attack to make a readable go away? I experienced that (see attachment) when I triggered the cutscene with my blackjack out. The sword just appeared. (Is there more than one? What's that on the side of the BJ?). Afterwards I did a few experiments: If I trigger the cutscene with my bla
  19. But... Those are the menu objective lists. They were okay as stated in the first post. The problem was with the 'O'-screen, the objective list which comes on screen like a readable ingame. Not in the menu, the game is running while you look at the 'o' objective list. I think the default for that is button 'O.'
  20. Tracked here: http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2672 Also added additional info on why this is not easy to fix. (Actually, I was wrong, the info that looks like it is shared between the menu and the ingame screen seems to be used only once by the ingame screen, and the menu screen redefines everything else. Ugh). Btw, can some admin please delete all the silly offtopic posts from this thread?
  21. cannot start tdm 1.04 after updating from 1.03 ERROR: Error: file script/tdm_events.script, line 215: Unknown event 'log' updater says all ok. 1.03 was working update: downloaded from torrent, works now. seems like my files was changed update2: no, I'm unable to run this version. the second time I launch it, black screen with a cursor appears and music playing. also id logo instead of tdm. I'm on Windows7 64, nvidia drivers 266.58 it seems it was a problem in DoomConfig.cfg now working after deleting it)
  22. "What do you mean by uninstall? Did you literally uninstall it from the programs menu? If you literally uninstalled it, you should reinstall it. The instructions are to 'disable' catalyst AI, not uninstall it." The first time I had this problem, I disabled catalyst AI through catalyst control center. And then the screen was still upside-down. Then I uninstalled catalyst control center, and the screen change to right-side-up. At some point, I updated my driver. I hadn't played dark mod in a while, and I updated from 1.03 to 1.04 before I played again. Now the screen is upside-down again. So
  23. Just to mention the original topic. The in-game objective screen has a bug which causes the back-button overlap unaesthetically with the objective text, if the text spans for two lines.
  24. O-key is a neat way to bring forth the objectives list (the 'O' screen) in game. The other way to see objectives is to go in the main menu and select objectives in there. I noticed that the 'O' screen shows the back-button overlapping with the last objective text if the objective does have two lines of text. See the image. I've smudged the objective texts to shield you from spoilers, but you should see what I mean. If I look the same objective list in the main menu objective list, the back-button is not overlapping with the text and everything looks neat. I'd say that the 'O' screen and
  25. Evening I have borrowed a friend's monitor to test out tri-screen eyefinity on my HD5870, I want to test RTTC at 5040*1050 and see whats its like... he he he ... I know some got TDMN working on 3 screens, but I cant get ot to play nice, whats the settings in the autoexec file thats needs etc..? :-)
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