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*Shhh* You were supposed to be quiet about that one and test it silently!! :P But well, testing wouldn't have worked without the update of TDM anyway, like I later realized... You should definitely upgrade to 1.2 though and use the workaround greebo posted. There were quite some bugfixes since 1.1.1pre2.



That one probably slipped through because we all use the SVN copy of The Dark Mod, which does not have any pk4s. Still a little embarrassing something like this happens... :)



I hope nobody take offense for that :mellow::) Maybe I should put it this way: It's strange that the awesome programmers that have worked their asses of to create this piece of art missed that little thing :) I actually jumped up and down when I saw the release of TDM 1.01 and the new DarkRadiant :blush:


Sorry for OT:


The only thing I miss at this moment is some female characters. I believe the universe would be much more lifelike with some women :) There are femalemodels in Patently dangerous but only dead ones...


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What were you thinking? Of course I am offended!! ;) Nah, in all seriousness, stuff like that just happens. But at least we fix things quick, so expect 1.2.1 to be online soon... :) In fact, I'll start compiling in a few minutes!

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STiFU, would it make any sense to compile a version that is optimized for AMD Phenom II processors, or would that be next to useless? I admit that I have no idea what I'm talking about, so please disregard my post if it makes no sense.

My Eigenvalue is bigger than your Eigenvalue.

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The only thing I miss at this moment is some female characters.


You're certainly not alone on that one. The moment I get some female vocals, we'll have female characters.

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7upMan had asked me a similar question. Technically it is not supported, but you can deploy a little hack to achieve the desired effect, which would require some manual gui and xdata editing.


The idea is to duplicate a windowDef of the guifile and use "-" to perform the crossing of a word. You can improve results by shifting the corresponding windowDef up a few pixels and use "_" instead of "-", as those will probably result in a continuous line, depending on the font. If you want to go through all the trouble and need some help, just let me hear you holla. ;)

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Ninja's but I'll post anyway:


It would need either a special font or a special gui or a special background image.


The background image route is not practical for this and is only really of use if you had say a big handwritten slash at an angle through several words or ring round some words to draw attention to them. That would be done by copied the gui and its background image to new names.


A special font might be made using some unused characters to duplicate the main characters but with lines through. This is a big job and I am unsure of the outcome.


The best solution for you is to use the title space (which completely fills the pages.) But if you space down it is unlikely to sync well because of the different font size (worth trying if you only have one word to cross out, also try underline, equals, etc.) so this assumes you have no title in your text or don't mind it being the same size as the body:


Find the gui file (path/name in the editor or in the xd file.)

Copy it to the same folder (note this MUST be included with your FM in the same path. It actually can be anywhere in the guis folder or any subfolder therein eg, guis\mymap.)

Rename the file eg, sheet_paper_calig_summertime_crossedouit.gui

Open the file in a plain text editor

Search down for windowDef body {

Below that copy the line eg, textscale 0.4

From the top search for windowDef title {

Paste in the text scale to replace its own line (or just change it manually.)

Check the font etc. is the same as the body, most are.


Now you have to enter spaces in the title down to where the words are then type in dashes. In the editor this might be fairly easy.

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