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So you frob them, and instead of going into your inventory, they jump away??


I just had this happen to me yesterday, I was testing Siege Shop and I frobbed some coins in a chest and they went flying away. There was nothing else in the chest, just three coins.

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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I've been frobbing coins in my testing the past week, and haven't seen this. (Don't remember if my coins were static or moveables, though.)


Is this serious enough that we should fix it in 2.00? Just frobbing things shouldn't send them flying. There's a long-standing bug with frobbing things floating in water and having them fly away. Maybe it's related.


There is a problem with small moveables not settling down. I think that's from my physics changes, but I didn't think it was serious enough to fix at the last minute. Just leave it as a humorous tidbit I can fix later.

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I've never seen this before. How would it even work? When you frob loot it's supposed to just disappear. I can see if you frobbed something and a movable was touching it, that second thing might go flying (like grabbing the plate in St. Lucia and sending the coins on top flying). Could that have been the case?

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I changed the coins from the movable loot coin to static loot coin and that fixed it. Never had to do that before.

I had a candle do the same to me once or twice as well, also in new Siegeshop in 2.00. I entered a room a couple different times to see a candle holder on the floor which had started at a table. An AI sits near the table, but not very close. The candle was from prefab of the rough wooden table set with 4 seats, and was in the very center of the table.

When I tried with no AI in the room, the candle flew away as I frobbed it.***

This was a couple weeks ago and I haven't seen the candle do that lately.


*** I cannot verify if I had already actually pressed the frob key, or if I had simply highlighted the candle/coins and was just about to press the frob key.

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System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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Ah, another strange thing: "noclip" actually SLOWS down the player/camera if launched in water environment.



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