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Old zombie/ghost/hammer haunt sfx


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Is there a way to replace the sfx the zombies and hammer haunts currently make with the old sounds from Thief: The dark project.


the current sounds just... well they arent scary, the old ones were pretty mortifying, If i could just replace the sounds wit the old ones somehow it would bring about a whole new introduction to fear and caution.

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sorry for being such a heretic ?


Hehe, no it's not that. It's just that we like to avoid discussing any copyright infringing activities on the forum. In saying we can't 'support it' we mean that we can not assist in implementing it, although with a little sleuthing on our wiki in the sound section, you'll likely be able to figure out how to do it pretty easily for your own use. :)

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I was just talking about how the TDM sounds need improvement too! :-D


And this guy is right, the haunts in the original Thief were terribly scary sounding. The sound was so sinister that the idea of alerting them made me anxious just thinking about the dread that would await!! :-) :-)

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They were pretty simple too, basically the lines were played backwards, sped up and slowed down with some reverb. Very effective.

I also heard that another effective way is reversing the voice, add echo, reverse again. It seems the "reversed echo" effect is fairly unsettling.

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