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Great work Airship!


We should get some brands for these bottles!



Bridge Beer

Langmiller Lager

Port Ale


Hard drinks:

Wrecker's Remedy



I dunno....just thinking...those are pretty silly and I'm not suggesting those, but giving example to the idea.


More TDM world related items add depth and attaches the player making them feel that it is more than a game, more like a living entity of its own.


TDM has a drug fairly well known drug designed specifically for the world of Bridgeport; mandrasola, let's get some alcohol selections that the locals can rave about.

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Plastik Musik - Andrew Nathan Kite, Owner


http://www.facebook.com/plastikmusik /




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If you could make a boxy looking liquor bottle, some of the normal maps might make good ornate patterns

in conjunction with a clear glasswarp shader:



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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Something looks a bit off in the alternate bottles...are the neck verts not welded to the body? There's a clear line there.


To save on textures, it would be ideal to make a model where the label is a separate mesh, so the glass can be given a color keyword rather than making new texture images for every colour/label variation.

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Okay, cool, so I spent an informative couple of hours fiddling with material files and also fixed the necks of both bottles. All the super redundant textures are gone, and I added empty, translucent variants as well. Are these colors still okay? For people who don't know, I'm largely monochromatic so I have to ask others. Normally I'd ask my wife, but she's bringing home bacon.


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Those look great, I was wondering though.. is it possible to have some dirty/old bottles as well? it would really lend itself to have some of those laying around in the dirt outside of a tavern in a bad part of town or even an abandoned house.

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Are these colors still okay?



I think the 3rd from the left might be a bit too green, but it's a bit hard to tell as all the bottles are in shadow. I'm not a fan of the two translucent ones, but it's damn hard to get translucent glass to look half decent in this engine.





is it possible to have some dirty/old bottles as well?



You could always take one of the materials and add a blend filter stage using one of the dirt decal textures.

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TDM Missions:   A Score to Settle  *  A Reputation to Uphold  *  A New Job  *  A Matter of Hours

Video Series:   Springheel's Modules  *  Speedbuild Challenge  *  New Mappers Workshop  *  Building Traps

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since I'm an incredibly cool kid, and this is what the cool kids are doing lately, I thought I may as well start up a thread! I'm gonna be adding a lot of stuff here as I work on it and I'll be posting about additions as they're finished.

Art Assets

This is essentially a collection of mapping resources that people can use freely and without asking. If they're suitable for the core mod, great, but it's not my focus. Really I'm just making stuff for my own needs and publishing them for others to use.


Ambient Music


These all loop seamlessly. I'm including brief descriptions of each track's vibe. All the components of each track are from freesound.org, and are licensed under creative commons, so use away!


Link to full collection I'll update this whenever I add new ambients. (.zip, extract into your darkmod root and it'll sort itself. These can all be found in the editor under sound/ambient/ambience/merry)



55 new painting skins that work exactly like the old ones. They're all real paintings, and they're all in keeping with the mood of the originals, albeit with less flagrant religious imagery and more pretty landscapes and posh-looking people.

Download (Dropbox .zip All you need do is extract the folders into your root and go to change the skin of any painting in DR.)


Prefab Containers

Ready-made, moving containers of all shapes and sizes, made to hold all-sorts! If you ever rotate any of them, be sure to change the axis on which its door rotates or slides to match, as well as moving any additional models such as lockboxes and levers. I'll create rotated variants for any particularly complicated mechanisms, but I'll leave you to fix the simple door + lockbox dealies yourself: I'd rather put the effort into making more new stuff!

Custom Assets

These are resources that you'll need to use some of the prefabs. Extract all the folders into your darkmod root.


Link to custom assets (Dropbox .zip)


Wooden Chests


Wooden chests of varying styles. Some might be a bit modern, but they're all made entirely out of brushes and patches, so you can always change the textures yourself. Some do use a custom red wood texture of mine, but that's included above. They come with frob controls, keys, levers and sounds tailored to their size.


Link to prefab files (Dropbox .zip. Just extract the prefabs folder into your darkmod root and the prefabs (under prefabs/containers/merry/wooden chests) will sort themselves out)


Paper Containers


Posh boxes intended for desks. They all hold either scrolls, notes or a combination of the two. They all come with model readables that can be easily replaced with real ones. They can be locked, though they're not by default.


Link to prefab files (Dropbox .zip. Just extract the prefabs folder into your darkmod root and the prefabs (under prefabs/containers/merry/notes) will sort themselves out)



Some of the links are broken, I tried download the assets and chests.

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Not posting much, but still working away! I'd neglected to add links to all the recent stuff I've done, so I went back and did so. Still going strong working on lights, having moved from electric lights to oil lamps.





-Streamlined the OP (incidentally I cleaned out my messy Youtube channel on an impulse. Gonna start re-making videos, including the demonstrations of things in this thread).

- Added "desecrate" ambient to ambients.

- Added links to new bottle models and skins

- Uploaded (but haven't linked) the modular used to create a Coming Soon‚ĄĘ mission.

- Uploaded (but haven't linked) this on-going collection of lights

Edited by Airship Ballet
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I'm sticking to the mod's structure and leaving the oil lamps specifically unfrobable, while the smaller electric ones are frobable directly. It's obviously pretty simple for mappers to allow a light source be triggered by frobbing, so I think that including variations to that effect would prove a bit superfluous. Since it's no trouble either way, I figured it made sense to stick with that's established.

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That's fantastic! Has a Thief 2 sort of vibe to it as well.


Plan to make any other cool things like this?

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