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New player vocals


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Have you checked to make sure such files don't already exist? I have vague memories of doing something like this at one point, but it was so many years ago that the details are foggy.

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Here is a list of the sounds used for the player voice.

  • the files all use the .ogg file extension
  • paranthesis in the name means that there are a series of them - eg (1-3) is three separate files

Could a knowledgeable person fill out the sound descriptions for where I was uncertain of the context, or correct me where I am wrong?


# mantling - player mantles. not sure what the difference is between "mantle", "_pull" and "_push"

player_mantle_(1-3) ?

mantle_pull(01-02) ?

mantle_push(01-02) ?


# carrying and dropping

player_pickupbody_(1-3) - player picks up a body

player_pickupbodyfat_1 - is this ever used?

no_drop(01-02) - player tries to drop a carried body in a too small space


# eating and recovering hp

player_crunch_(1-7) - player eats food

player_drinkpotion_(1-2) - player drinks a potion

player_sigh_1 - player is recovering hp (same sound as when drinking a potion?)


# taking damage

player_hitpointshi_(1-6) - player takes damage while still having plenty of hp left

player_hitpointslow_(1-6) - player takes damage while having little hp left

player_die_(1-4) - player dies


# specific damage types

player_chokegas_(1-3) - player is taking damage from gas and choking

player_damagefire_(1-4) - player is taking damage from fire

player_poisoned_(1-4) - player is poisoned (when does this happen?)


# swimming

player_deepbreath_(1-2) - player is surfacing after having been submerged for a while

player_submerge_1 [sfx only] player is submerging in water

player_drown_(1-4) - player has been submerged too long, and is taking damage


# falling

player_softlanding_(1-2) - player lands from a small height, without taking damage

player_hardlanding_(1-4) - player lands from a great height, taking damage


# using weapons

player_bow_wobble_(1-3) - player has held pulled bow too long, and is tiring

player_raiseweapon_(1-3) - player is preparing a sword swing?


# misc - when are these used?

player_cough_(1-4) - ?

player_hmm_(1-4) - ?

player_tired_(1-4) - ?

player_pickupbodyfat gets used if the person you pickup is more then 30kg heavier then you. I am not sure whether this is the case for any ai, though. Maybe the builder forger.

player_mantle is unused. Mantling is subdivided into several phases. I think pushing comes first and later on there is pulling.


player_tired is used if the player tries to keep up the bow for too long

player_hmm doesn't seemed to be used at all. It might be a special sound to be customly used in FM's

I couldn't find player_cough, so no idea what that is for.

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@Akira, I can recommend the Blue Yeti, its what I did all the average vocals with, they arent cheap new so best look on ebay I also recommend getting a shock mount as this vastly cuts down on noise and vibrations -

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will try and find a link to the one I have along with the boom arm I have -

Samson shock mount -

I attached it to the mic using a cable tie, works a treat -




And the mic arm I use -



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  • gotten to grips with the basic functionality using audacity.

Guess a pop filter is a must as well?

  • for me the only function that matters is the 'noise reduction' effect, I select a quiet section of what ever I have recorded and then apply that filter to the whole recording which gives me perfect noise-free recordings.

Yeah I am still experimenting, the one in the shot is a basic £5 pop guard, I am looking for something better as the one I have I still have to position the mic so my mouth isnt directly line-of-sight with the mic head. But all my every jack recording were with the mic in the above image.

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