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Update: Just finished recording with my VA, so now I have a bunch of new SFX to clean up and package. Don't know when it will be done, but at least now I have the raw materials to finish this. :)


I'd just like to say: You're a really talented person, and I'm genuinely happy someone is making another substantial contribution to TDM. :)

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Thanks, it actually means a lot to hear that :)


Yep, don't hurry with it. You'll still have plenty of time to finish it.


Sort out the personal issues first, we're keeping our fingers crossed for you. Here's hoping things will be better for you soon. As someone who also dislikes having personal problems and dealing with them all the time, I can certainly sympathise. Good luck and hope to hear from you again soon. B)

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Yeah, I have idea what this is even about and even if there was a so-called Alt-Right person in the team, that has absolutely no bearing on TDM. We expect our political representatives to work through their differences and find common ground...yet take rather extreme views when someone differs from our perspective of the world. Nobody knows how to have a conversation anymore. It's totally bat shit insane. Talk, listen, disagree and learn something about yourself in doing so.


I thought so too. This looks like looking for excuse to bail out more than anything else, at least for now.

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Are you referring to Outlooker though? Outlooker is not a core developer. I would like to know where this is all coming from. The majority of that thread is rather measured and mature discussion. People of differing opinions, backgrounds and experience sharing ideas. I wish our world leaders would be as mature and considerate. If you wish to grow as a human being, learn to understand your adversary. People arrive at positions we may consider extreme due to circumstances we may have never faced. If we continuously slam the door in each others faces, we are limiting our own potential to expand our understanding of all the angles.

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This is fucked up.


First of all, a rather vague explanation about the "alt-right", might as well be an unsolvable riddle. Not everybody here knows what that is.

Second, did you just went on a rampage to pseudo-delete your comments? You just performed censorship on yourself.


To me, you're more an unaware hypocrite than somebody with an actual cause, which I'm very sure that's what you wanted to be looked as.


Just like New Horizon said, you're merely jumping to conclusions instead of trying to understand people, let alone doing anything with them other than pin-point accusations of, what, some kind of internet joke word "alt-right"?


P.S. If you really think TDM developers are that "bad", just know that Springheel explicitly mentioned how a ban is a very extreme measure here. To me, that actually means a lot, I'm sure many of you understand why.

...It's because banning somebody in TDM is an extreme measure, not a common sight unlike in many other forums.

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Some things: 1. Why the need to make such a fuss about one persons political views, who doesn't even belong to the developers of this mod? 2. Even if he was a developer of this mod, why the need to make such a drama about it, and why are you so full of yourself that you pretend this community can't live without you? 3. Why not just go, but make a public drama of this?


TBH, at the moment, it's really not the person you have a problem with which appears in a bad light here.

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Clear over-reaction to a clearly deluded individual aside. The title of campaign dev should probably be removed to avoid confusion, as it is essentially meaningless now.

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