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lots of missing textures on models

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When I go to insert models in darkradiant, I notice a lot of missing textures. For instance, when I try to insert a desk (deskq.lwo, scribe_desk.lwo, scribe_desk02.lwo, etc), there are missing textures all over the models (not every texture, but at least a handful on each model). Is this a problem specific to me? If I use the model, will it work ingame, or is there something I have to do to fix them?

Thanks in advance.

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Check that in game mode first. More complex materials aren't rendered properly in the editor, or there may be multiple materials and collision overlapping each other. If you don't see textures for all the models, the project/game path might be set up wrong.

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I had a similar problem once which seems to have been caused by something going wrong with the download. Ended up reporting dozens of missing textures in the 2.05 beta. I’d try redownloading.

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