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  1. Congratulations on your release! Can’t wait to dive into this one tonight
  2. Have a target_once entity that has the "notouch" "1" spawnarg on it and have that targeting whatever you need to complete. And then for the objective just point that towards the trigger_once.
  3. Piggybacking onto what Springheel wrote, I would recommend adding in a trigger_count entity, listing the count at whatever number of objectives you have. Then in the objectives window have that trigger_count get triggered for each objective that's completed. You can do this by going Inside the mission objective screen, go into edit objective and add the name of the trigger_count entity in the field labeled "completion target". And then have the trigger_count entity target your speaker for the final voice line.
  4. I don’t know sorry! It was an issue during the beta that was fixed. I booted up the mission on my end and I can hear all of the footstep sounds without any beeping.
  5. Is there a reason why the forum set all forum post likes to be anonymous? Also any chance we could see the return of status updates?
  6. It sounds like there might be. But that is confusing because I have only ever released 1 version and it had the sound files included. There are custom sound files in use for footsteps. Perhaps try turning off the debug noise? It’s not a perfect solution but at least then you won’t hear that noise. Alternatively try downloading the file from darkfate. They have a very up to date and robust database of all missions including mine.
  7. A screenshot from Shadows of Northdale Act 3 (and my first on the new forum!). Corbin will be venturing to this mysterious island just off the coast of Northdale to break into the infamous inventors guild.
  8. Interesting... I was looking over my FM release posts and noticed that all of the briefing videos are now just links instead of embedded youtube links like they were on the old forum. I'll try adding a couple of the same links and seeing what happens there.
  9. I don't know if you're aware but I noticed youtube videos are no longer embedded in forum posts anymore. I understand you have a lot on your plate, but would you please mind taking a look at that when you can?
  10. While Taaaki has mentioned he is looking into a dark theme. In the meantime I would recommend a chrome addon that Epifire turned me onto called "Darkreader". It turns light pages darker, so currently my forums look like this:
  11. Thank you! I was coming to ask the same thing. Darkmode on this new format would be perfect for mobile too!
  12. Taaaki posted about it in an announcement I dont think the forums have ever been down for so long before.
  13. In regards to following the player, is it not possible to make a change to this script? http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14394-apples-and-peaches-obsttortes-mapping-and-scripting-thread/page-16?do=findComment&comment=396357 The script for that looks like this: object statue_look { void init(); void loopLook(); vector viewDir; vector direction; float cosine; float tolerance; }; void statue_look::init() { thread loopLook(); } void statue_look::loopLook() { while(1) { if (distanceTo($player1)<1024) { viewDir=sys.angToForward($player1.getViewAngles()); direction=getOrigin()-$player1.getOrigin(); cosine=viewDir*direction/sys.vecLength(direction); direction_z=0; if (cosine<sys.cos($player1.getFov()/2+30)) { setAngles(sys.VecToAngles(-direction)+'0 90 0'); } } sys.waitFrame(); } } If you remove the "if (cosine<sys.cos($player1.getFov()/2+30))" bit and it's associated brackets those statues now follow the player (it does bring up some smoothing problems but that's another thing). Couldn't you trigger that in the security camera script so that if it spots the player it will activate that follow the player script for a duration until the player has been out of sight for X amount of seconds?
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