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  1. With my workload finally decreasing and having to stay at home far longer than I planned for this spring, I think I'll try to find more time for TDM as well. For the time being, I want to work on those audio projects.
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  2. This weekend I've had a unique opportunity to compare not two, and not even three, but four 2-1 transformers 2016 HP Spectre 13 2017 HP Envy 15 2019 Yoga 720-15 2020 LG Gram 13 Among other things I tested sustained 3D performance with TDM. TL;DR Intel Iris does not make sense in 15W chips (well, it did not on 14nm) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ujhtjCu477khi6LeeztGt_1sX2YC6LI-kUgk3lpLaMI/edit?usp=sharing
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  3. Did you know all new Radeon cards now require at least an 8-pin power supply line? I was looking for a replacement for my desktop RX 570 and originally wanted an AMD card to test TDM on. Now I have to resort to buying an Nvidia because none of my 3 PSU's has an 8 pin output. I'm full Nvidia now.
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