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  1. Some of you who've been on the TDM discord know I was out of work last Winter, just putting in hrs for the developer portfolio. Currently I've been working a seasonal job to pay the bills and now I'm finally in my last week before I get bumped off. Things will be tight but I'm planning a long off period to make as much content as I can. Big plans in Unreal Engine as well as my most ambitious TDM collab yet! Never been so excited to be a stuck at home to pursue my life's work. With a lotta time and maybe some luck, I'm hoping to get enough art work done that I may start applying around to studios.

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    2. nbohr1more


      Sorry about the job status but I am glad to hear that you will be doing some TDM things to sharpen your prospects :) Good luck!

    3. Epifire


      Thanks fellas!

      @NeonsStyleYeah I see CA's listings pretty frequently on ArtStation. Certainly making some cool stuff, however I just wish they had a branch state-side. 

      @nbohr1moreHonestly the job situation is what makes this possible for me. If I'm living within my means, unemployment benefits will keep me afloat while I make this a full-time endeavor.

    4. NeonsStyle


      Money or the lack thereof sucks balls. Hope you guys find a solution. @Epi, you can work online, that's a

      big thing today, n offers so many opportunities, but the work isolation is tough.

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