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  1. Oh... This explains a lot what is happening in our world right now. It all makes sense now. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning-Kruger_effect

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    2. Anderson


      It's only aggravated by our unhealthy postmodernist swings in society. Lots of people need help.

    3. teh_saccade


      Sotha's comment re: cricism.


      This is something I try to do in all things - students will better respond to "deconstructive" critique if it is followed by "constructive" critique of their work.


      A compliment must always have some kind of back-hander, as people are unused to receiving positive criticism - in some cases, unable to receive it due to the disparity between themselves and the standard of their work.


      A kind word (preferably action)...

    4. teh_saccade


      ...can make all the difference.


      It starts with this.


      Other people judge and qualify me (eg, I am not an artist, unless I am doing it and people say that I am).


      I am not qualified to judge myself or others - only a person's work.


      Critiquing the work depersonalises the issue and thereby affects condifence in other ways, without affecting psyche.


      I agree - praise the work, not the person.

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