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  1. A reminder for folks who have poor performance in this mission. The latest 2.12 "dev builds" have some major performance optimizations that may improve your experience:
  2. They had interesting melody designs. Only thrash metal bands were doing similar stuff melodically at the time. I was hoping the emergence of mainstream Metallica and Nirvana would lead to a new thrash \ pop hybrid scene. That really didn't happen until System of a Down came along at the end of the decade. Instead other grunge acts and nu-metal pushed more towards Black Sabbath \ Stoner Doom if they weren't just copying the song structure of the song Smells Like Teen Spirit itself. ( I was really pissed when Smashing Pumpkins made their Teen Spirit clone "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" after they previously had all those amazing songs on Siamese Dream ).
  3. The Dark Mod 2.08 https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3607 Beta Testing Thread: Perhaps the shouldering animation is broken if the executable is used with the latest SVN assets?
  4. I definitely like the quick frob = drop mechanic. What I do not like is the lightning fast shouldering. The team did a lot of work to make shouldering bodies feel substantial and now the body is just instantly going from floor to shoulder which is very gamey or cartoonish.
  5. The mission has been added to the mission database. ( LOL! Pretty sneaky way to title the mission so it shows at the top of the missions page. )
  6. The link isn't set for public access?
  7. The thread was opened less than a day after two proposal threads by Daft so I took an educated guess. That said "Daft did nothing wrong". I strongly approve of early community feedback even if the results are messy sometimes.
  8. I moved this here due to the topic change. Butch Vig should have stayed with Nirvana for In Utero ( fight me ), Nirvana was already indie enough and didn't benefit much from low-fi production. @chakkman I understand the frustration. Normally TDM change proposals all happen internally then alpha TDM builds include all of the resultant changes and plyers register their feedback then. Daft Mugi has been doing a little more early outreach before even gaining team consensus. Since our internal vetting process is happening publicly in these threads it can feel a little overwhelming. Rest assured that alpha and beta phases will impact whether any of the changes get added to the final 2.12 release based on long-term player testing.
  9. No objections here. I can only suggest that perhaps TDM's lean is designed to look different than Thief's to avoid some sort of legal issue with such a closely matched design?
  10. @Daft Mugi I tested it out. I think it's fine to merge this change but I feel that there is one issue here. It establishes the protocol of frob to extinguish but once you are holding an object you may wish to extinguish the held object and your muscle memory will tell you to hold frob again which will instantly drop the item instead. I am not sure but perhaps only a quick frob should drop the held item whereas a long frob should also act like use on the held item?
  11. Could be the sharpness shader. Try turning it off or lowering the value. It uses contrast to detect edges so that bright paper vs dark background may be throwing it off a little.
  12. That would be a completely valid response if not for: 1) The Android phone manufacturers proclivity for following Apples design choices 2) My wife's addiction to the Apple ecosystem I just wish someone in the tech journalism sphere would call out these glaring downgrades and get folks to focus on the correct things. Remove useful physical interfaces == Terrible Upgrade computing power and efficiency == Should be "celebrated" instead of being yawned at Its an overall sign of intellectual decadence that the tech press are ignoring the most critical and difficult technical advancements and concerning themselves only with form factor and aesthetics.
  13. I am a little skeptical about this one. I see it causing players to rage in frustration when they try to move lit candles and accidentally extinguish them before using the candles to solve candle-lighting puzzles like the one in "Seeking Lady Leicester". Also, mappers may have designed their missions in such a way that extinguishing candles is a timing challenge and auto-extinguishing via frob will spoil the challenge and tension. If a mapper wants to configure non-moveable candles with frob to extinguish, they can copy what Goldwell and Sotha did. If we were to include this, I would suggest it be an option rather than a replacement. Players wanting to override the difficulty of missions can choose the new mode but can switch back to the default behavior if a puzzle needs solving, etc.
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