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  1. Hmm. Maybe we should include this in the hotfix. This was a pretty big code restructure so it was reserved for 2.10 and dev builds.
  2. Well, chances are a driver update would also fix this but I was more curious about whether this issue affects old Nvidia drivers.
  3. Try: 1) Setting Color to 32-bit 2) set r_useBindlessTextures 0 ( in the console or Darkmod.cfg ) Also, try the latest hotfix using the tdm_installer
  4. The FM wiki has been updated with the new link format for the new database.
  5. That is probably a lantern, you would not see pronounced shadows in purely ambient lighting.
  6. @cabalistic it sounds like the GUI is using legacy GL somewhere?
  7. We are in the middle of a mission database migration @taaaki @stgatilov (just pinging for visibility of the impact)
  8. r_frobOutline 0 will disable the outline r_newFrob 0 will return the texture based brightening r_frobColorR/G/B/A - sets the color to use for the outline. Values are integral and go from 0 to 255, although you can technically overbrighten them. The alpha value can be used to make the outline more transparent and thus fainter. r_frobOutlineWidth - determines the width of the outline. Note that this variable has a different effect depending on the selected mode, so you'll have to retweak the value when you switch modes.
  9. I personally have no objections but even if I did our GPL license would prohibit me from doing anything about it other than complain. As long as you keep in mind that our "Assets" are non-free. That is to say, we use textures that have non-GPL licenses and our artists have contributed models, textures and sounds with the expectation that they would not be used for commercial purposes. Feel free to do what you want code-wise just be aware that our "art assets" cannot legally be used in a commercial product.
  10. Yes, I have seen at least a few papers claim that intelligent people are more likely to have a larger "collection of dooms". For example, if you know astrophysics you then will become aware of gamma ray bursts, roaming black holes, supernovas, etc as possible issues facing life on earth.
  11. It depends on the aptitude of the kid. A reasonably developed 8yr old can easily distinguish violence in a game from what should be done in the real world and will have some basic ethical framework about what level of aggression is proportional to what type of transgression. Playing Doom Eternal (etc) should not suddenly incline your kid to think that accidentally knocking over their action figures is punishable by crowbar-to-head or flame-thrower. You could easily find 6yr old or younger kids who would understand and agree to this but lower than 7yr old or so a
  12. 1) Mission updates will have "SVN history" so you can revert to older FM versions (so that you can also revert to older TDM versions that wont work with the newer ones). 2) Mission history will also safeguard against accidentally damaging existing missions when uploading new ones to the mirrors 3) Being able to mass update missions to take advantage of new TDM fixes, rather than manually updating missions this way 4) Only updating FM's on one mirror will propagate to other mirrors 5) Migrating to new mirrors as Southquarter and Fidcal mirrors are going or have gone offline
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