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  1. Ah, I think I found out how to reproduce it. It comes from a weird habit I have. When you start a mission, you will be presented with this screen: If you first quicksave on this screen, then press attack to start the mission, then quickload, the problem will occur. It happens at least in St Lucia for me. So it seems to be more my fault for making a risky/glitchy save. Anyway, it hasn't happened since I stopped doing this premature quicksave, so I can enjoy the game without any problems. Thank you for investigating
  2. Nothing explicit there but Windows 10 has problems with DPI scaling. Try the workarounds here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Does_TDM_support_widescreen_resolutions.3F also, it's worth creating an autoexec.cfg with seta r_displayRefresh "60" (or whatever your screen refresh is) to ensure that your video driver recognizes the correct refresh rate.
  3. That above to run TDM in a window, instead of a full screen. Thanks for the update log, but that is for the updater and not for the darkmod executable. Are there any darkmod.log-files in the folder? If not, here is a manual to create them. And use the command to create a appropriate log for us: thedarkmod.exe +gfxinfo +condump pbhallamlog.txt +quit (this will automatically launch TDM, generate a log and close tdm)
  4. Hi everyone. I have a very strange problem with TDM. I can only describe it by saying that 3d graphics are "distorted" in a very weird way. I would like to take a screenshot, but the print screen key merely copies a grey rectangle to the clipboard, and pressing F12 does not seem to save a screenshot anywhere that I can find in the doom 3 directory, nor in my user profile directory. If you imagine looking at the pillars at the start of the training mission... for me it appears that the center of the screen has been shifted and stretched towards the right edge of the screen. Thus nothing seems
  5. Hey All, I've been viewing the boards as a guest for quite some time now and I hate for this to be my first post, but it is what it is. I'm a huge fan of the thief fanchaise and I'm tickled to see this group investing their lives into a mod that resembles the feel/formula that made the orginal Thief such a masterful game. Anyhow I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this mod's development. Its a great achievement and a jewel to the Thief Community; keep up the fantastic work! Now onto the subject of my post. I didn't see an offical technical problem thread so
  6. I updated to 1.05 from 1.04 and afterward I could not get missions to load properly, even training. I removed everything, downloaded/installed 1.05 from scratch. I had no missions installed, installed the training, then while the training was loading, I had an error regarding my video card driver. I have intergated Intel 82945G Express chipset family gpu, Vista home sp2 running. Doom 3 is from Steam, and it runs fine, even the resurrection of evil addon pack. I have the most recent video drivers for this Intel chipset installed via HP update. Not sure what tweaking I can do to my TDM co
  7. I'm sure the game uses the NVidia GPU - I set it in the NVidia panel, and tried also explicitly select it using the context menu when running the game, and messages in the console confirm using it. I tried also the Intel GPU and in full screen it even runs roughly 30% faster than the NVidia GPU. I tried turn all these options off but FPS in full screen was still much lower than in the windowed mode (where it also proportionally increased) and was almost unplayable.
  8. That was weird. The difference between vsync on and off was basically that when it was on, it looked more or less as if it was off, just without screen tearing. Only when I used com_fixedTic 1 command, the movement was smooth again. That helped, thanks.
  9. r_mode -1 just means to use the custom height and width only. You can still set the aspect ratio to one of the three available modes: seta r_aspect 0,1,2 (4:3, 16:9, 16:10). Try setting a custom resolution that falls into one of those apects and see where it gets you. IE set the vertical resolution to the vertical res of your main screen then use probably 16:9 ratio to get the maximum horizontal res. Exceeding one of the available or set aspect ratios will probably just give you a black screen or crash.
  10. I had this when I was in windowed mode, but full screen worked fine. I needed windowed to work and managed to get rid of the black screen by disabling post processing in the advanced video options. Don't know if either of you are running windowed but it's worth a try disabling post processing. Edit: re-read the earlier posts and realised it affected the GUI not just in game as in my case. Ignore my advice, PP shouldnt affect the main menu at all.
  11. So, I've been having an issue: I keep freezing on the loading screen for missions. There's no real pattern to it, it just happens on random missions, including ones that I've played before without issue. I don't think it's me not giving the mission time to load, I usually wait about seven to ten minutes of the loading bar not moving at all before I do anything, and again, it's happening on missions I've played before without issue. Anyone else had this?
  12. Your only option's with OcUK are - GIGABYTE P15F v2-CF1 for £784 w/2yr warranty - Display: 15.6", 1920*1080 Full HD matte screen - Processor Type: Intel Core i7 4710MQ (Cores: 4 (8 Threads), Clock Speed: 2.40GHz (3.40GHz Turbo Mode) - Hard Drive Size: 1000GB, Speed: 5400RPM- this POS should be replaced with a 250GB Samsung 840 evo (£95) and then put said POS in a USB 3.0 enclosure to use as a backup drive. - Memory Supplied: 1 x 8GB DDR3L-1600 (low voltage) - I recommend you buy another 8gb while you (they dont have in stock atm) - Memory Socket: 2 x SO-DIMM, max. Memory Support: 16GB - Operat
  13. @Steve, considering you know how much I know about PC hardware why did you drop me a PM..? You can get a machine that will happily play TDM for £500 but compromises will have to be made, for £1k you can have an all singing all dancing desktop replacement. The place you want to go is http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/laptops/, I Helped Melan get a laptop from there. So the big question is what is more important, portability or large screen.? Power & Portability - http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/SkyFireIII-14/ - 2kg Power & large screen - http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/cos
  14. "What do you mean by uninstall? Did you literally uninstall it from the programs menu? If you literally uninstalled it, you should reinstall it. The instructions are to 'disable' catalyst AI, not uninstall it." The first time I had this problem, I disabled catalyst AI through catalyst control center. And then the screen was still upside-down. Then I uninstalled catalyst control center, and the screen change to right-side-up. At some point, I updated my driver. I hadn't played dark mod in a while, and I updated from 1.03 to 1.04 before I played again. Now the screen is upside-down again. So
  15. Look at the link Nob posted, near the bottom they compare the U2413 to the U2413M. Hmmm, not sure what this means but: luminance (cd/m2): 266 Black Point (cd/m2): 0.32 Contrast Ratio: 839:1 that seems really dark black point. This is an LCD backlight and I find this monitor excellent for TDM.
  16. I'm trying to run TDM on my android tablet (nexus 7, first edition, android 4.4.2). This is a topic to give you some instructions and status. I hope you can help me to fix several problems. Its not meant to change the development direction to change the standalone to a mod. Its just for fun! Installation: Install android app "DIII4a". Copy the "base"-folder (from doom 3) and the darkmod-folder (version 2.02) to the DIII4a folder on the sdcard. Run DIIII4a with the default settings. In doom 3, select the game in the mod section and load it. (its possible that the select-sound will loop)
  17. Did some testing and I stand corrected. I took some screenshots clearly showing the AA effect and what I found is, you can not change a video setting and have it applied without completely restarting the game. Restarting the level will not apply the new settings. The game must be completely reloaded for the new setting to take effect. I tried turning off AA>0 in game and forcing it in the driver and there is a difference although, at least on a 780gtx, its not discernible and the fact that no matter what the game caps your FPS @60 its hard to tell what performance impact is occuring.
  18. So the good news, the updater didn't give me problems this time. Bad news, when I start The Dark Mod, my screen zooms in and the game is just in a window. It works fine from what I can tell, but I'd like to know how to get it out of that windowed mode. Anyone else had this happen?
  19. I see nothing but pure black on that SS on my old LG Flatron. It's IPS, so it should explain that. I upped my monitors brightness and gamma, didn't really change it. Pitch black turned to very dark gray. It's not even that expensive, cost me 550e back in 2010. Still a very good balance between speed and quality. I must be getting delirious on this fever or something... I was sure this topic had something to do with sun spots, even after reading a few lines... The topic and that little avatar of the surface of sun. Yeeeah... back to bed...
  20. Part of this Noodle is how the mapper has setup the ambient darkness levels in their map. By default most mappers here will have this base, "darkness threshold" well within a comfortable spectrum for their play style. The problem is that some players like a darker ambient than what was decided to ship with the map. What you're talking about is something of a hard mix filter for the screen. I think it would be a great addition, but I'm not sure that can be harnessed with the current graphical methods in TDM. A more likely option would be the ability to override the ambient darkness values (sinc
  21. missions.tdminfo the darkmod/fms/penny/savegames folder has a Mission_1_Final_save.save, .tga & .txt I reloaded the save, the loadin screen shows the mission has been completed but the tick isn't there full size version I loaded the final save I took before the game finished, all objectives except the "return to start" are ticked off Full size version Ran tdm_update ( log file ) just in case, this updated the training mission and tears of saint lucia, checked the mission selection screen and PD1 still isn't ticked off despite saying it's complete, however the stray tick on the la
  22. I had tried deleting the "doomconfig.cfg" file alone but I still encountered the Black Screen problem and not until I deleted both the "doomconfig.cfg" file and the "gamex86.dll" file did I have any success in getting rid of the Black Screen problem. I realize a new "gamex86.dll" file is created each time the game is launched. I'm assuming that the first "gamex86.dll" is somehow corrupted after the first launch and that's why it needs to be deleted so a new and clean "gamex86.dll" can be used on subsequent launches.
  23. I disagree, I think it is the same problem. Just because people are finding different solutions to the problem it doesn't mean that it's not just one problem with a few different solutions to fix that one problem. I do research for a living and I often find there can be numerous ways to a problem but usually there is an easy way to fix the problem and many hard ways to fix the same problem. Yes, I have run TDM without any other Doom 3 Mods installed and still had the same Black Screen problem. I also completely uninstalled Doom 3, patched it, and installed TDM but I still got the Black Scree
  24. Thanks Myagi for the suggestion. Were you also experiencing the Black Screen bug and did this fix your problem? It seems like there are a lot of people experiencing this same Black Screen problem. There is a lot of speculation and a bunch of different ideas but does anyone have a definitive solution to this problem? Again, we all seem to be describing the exact same problem so it seems fair to think that there should just be one solution to this problem. I've tried the solutions listed in this thread but haven't been able to get TDM running. I might have missed something so is there one
  25. OK, after a few days of slow, careful, investigation as time was available, I think I've finally got a reasonable handle on the Linux crashes I've been seeing when running TDM 2.05-beta (and, as it turns out, when trying to run the hacked build I'd made from "latest SVN"). TLDR: Duzenko's "lightgem" patch (added via SVN rev #6635, specifically the portion that went into 'renderer/RenderSystem.cpp', BugTracker #4395) needs "hardening". The consistent crashes I've been seeing right after pressing "attack" on the "Press 'attack' to start the mission" screen is indeed coming from the performance
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