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  1. I installed 13-9_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql ( cleaned with driver sweeper too ) and no improvement. With "vsync off", the screen tearing is so big ( on my PC ), that I can not concentrate on the game : (
  2. I'm trying to move the TDM window to my main monitor but it's stuck half way, any way to force it to main? Full screen will also extend the window across both screens. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/zMpdXSz.jpg Edit: Press ~ to open the console, this will free the cursor, so you can drag it to the appropriate monitor.
  3. I've been catching up on TDM missions lately and after I install the mission, I get a Game Error like this at the load screen, "ID AF ENTITY_BASE LOAD AF: couldn't load AF file 'env_skeleton' on entity 'atdm_env_ragdoll_skeleton_1'. What's causing this and how can I repair it? Thanks!
  4. Playing Dishonored and Bioshock games convinced me that spotlights can truly add up the visuals, so I decided to use a lot of spotlights in my WIP. To my disappointment, I noticed a weird anomaly in rendering when the player is under a spot light. See this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVH1feOXdrA&feature=youtu.be When I am roughly below the spotlight, look down in an 45 degree angle and approach the center of the light spot on the ground, the spotlight crops in an ugly way (@3 seconds) from the botton of the screen and from the sides. When I approach the light spot from a di
  5. Still having troubles with no dynamic lights and black squares instead of some particles. I've write about it here (http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14199-solved-more-108-weird-behaviour-crashes-graph-problems-gnulinux/page__p__298356#entry298356) but the solution I've get is not acceptable now. So, I try to run "Old Habbits" mission. It runs without lights, crashes with segfault after exit. In console:
  6. Hi there, I used to play TDM on my Macbook running Snow Leopard a couple of years ago. Absolutely loved it. This other day i wanted to try it again, since a lot has happened both with the mod itself but also the great fan-submitted missions available. Alas, I ran into problems. I have tried every step provided to make 1.08 work (As described here) but cannot seem to get TDM running. Actually, i get the first TDM splash screen but shortly afterwards it crashes. So, my question is if there is anyone else on the forum who have the same issues? Is it even possible to run TDM 1.08 on OSX Mou
  7. I updated from 1.07 to 1.08 using the updater and then deleted the fms in the Doom3 directory leaving those in the darkmod directory I first tried running St Lucia and noted a problem with the torches - black squares moving toward me behind the torch. I then tried old habits with the same effect. I tried thecreeps next and received this error message - see picture I tried the trainer and again the torch problem was there - see picture As I am the only person having this problem what steps should I take to sort it My system is Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 8800GT graphics with an old driver
  8. Perhaps a note regarding this should be added to the in-game mission load page GUI...at the bottom of the screen.
  9. I am the author of Thief Fan Mission Manager and plan to include loading & playing Dark Mod missions as well as Thief and System Shock 2. I'd like to know if there's a way to launch straight into a mission without going through the mission loader screen. If so, how? Thanks!
  10. Compare this id developer tutorial/cheatsheet with an existing map's /guis/map/mapname.gui file. Just create the 'gui' folder and make a text file inside it named 'mapname.gui'. Then edit the .gui file to your liking. The .gui file will define the splash screen graphic, as well as display any other text you want. Also double-check the bottom section of this tutorial to make sure you didn't miss anything. Ahh. Here is the tutorial I was looking for: http://wiki.thedarkm...n_while_Loading
  11. I need help getting my map to load in darkmod as a mission(.pk4). I know I`m missing something but what? the screen cap is inside the .pk4 file. I notice most if not all have a def folder and file, guis with assets and maps within but where/how do I generate or get them? Was going to use startpack and import my map and mess around to fix it but Woundering if there`s an easier way? By the way @Fidcal under (Playing Project FMs in Dark Mod) in your Startpack Mappers` Guide there is this : ( If you use tdmlauncher.exe to launch Dark Mod then you can install your map project as the curre
  12. I stood in front of a 4K TV yesterday and I was impressed (it was playing some Sony content to show off the capability). The way I see it, if a display is close to your face then you want a superior resolution. So computer monitors, tablets, Oculus Rift, etc. need 4K more than a TV does, unless the TV is absolutely gigantic. I've never owned or used a 3 monitor set up, and from the videos or multi-monitor setups I've seen, I've been bothered by the bezels. If you don't see them anymore, I guess your brain is filtering them out after a while, which is pretty neat. But I'll stick to single scr
  13. Ahhh forum search... I honestly didn't think it was as simple as all that. It works fine except the aspect ratio choices. I've tried both 1 and 2 and 2 appears to stretch everything less however the HUD and rendered screen is still painfully stretched. Maybe I can coax Hayden over at the WSGF forums in to making a memory hack for his Flawless Widescreen fix that will alleviate these issues. If only there were 2 more aspect ratio options, 4.8 and 5.3 for 1200 and 1080 respectively. He may be willing to help after seeing the new Thief and realizing the influx of players to TDM; we'll s
  14. . . . ok. . .well that stinks. Especially as nothing I read said anything about that. It just said 'Doom 3'. Seems odd, too, when everything *ELSE* seems to work fine. Just those. . .odd spots. Well, I'll see if I can put up playing with black blobs. And if not, I guess the whole mess can go in the trash and I'll hope you all can get the stand-alone version going sometime so I can try again. How disappointing.
  15. I don't have any knowledge about this, all I know is I tried 2 or 3 FMs and there is something wrong with the light, most obvious is about torches: you can see the flame (some black squares above supposed to be smoke but that's OK) and no light. I guess it should be one of these http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Standalone_Progress
  16. The black squares are missingparticles (either the definition or the texture). Can you please open the console (^ as key, left of the "1") and type "condump tdm.txt" and then post the contents of tdm.txt here? (Put them in spoiler tags please)
  17. Restarted Old Habits and this time I looked backwards in the sewer and saw a lot of black squares coming out of the pipes - I assume that there is a leak of something there which is being corrupted (note picture has been lightened so they can be seen)
  18. Ok, can't get it to work on native without black textures errors. Probably need a symlink in that /usr/local/games/doom3 folder like you PranQster. BTW, i agree that the button recognition is buggy in linux. I had problems with other buttons. Wine works with the same install so it should be not being able to find the resources without them being on that system path (ughhh). edit: it was that, i symlinked the base dir there. Anyway to set a 'toggle run' instead of 'always run'? 'always run' prevents the creep button from working.
  19. Driver problems likely. Which are you using? glxinfo output, even after 'installing' a driver you need a additional config command with ati. The crash is probably something badly wrong on the new jpg code or the compile options. Myself am waiting for the new driver from ati for ubuntu (it's package is triaged and waiting for release), but i found before: The torches flames had a transparency problem: edges (large area around actually) were all black, (but not rectangular, flicked according the the stage of the anim).
  20. I canceled the incremental package (136 MB), and re-downloaded all. And nothing, when applying the update i have always the error from the beginning. Now i try to manually edit the script. Edit: nothing, i cannot solve the problem :-( I also tried to remove all .doom3 directory, re-install all doom3 there from scratch, updated, and there run tdm_update.linux, but always with the same error when apply the incremental update downloaded. I think there is some problem on the script (the default path that the script try to use) Nobody has this problem with Linux? Edit2: I solved today
  21. Ok, got it to run, but ... not well. Reminded me why i only played this in wine. Anyway, torches have a non-transparency problem (black nimbus) confirm/deny? Updating drivers now (Ati). No sound even with pasuspender. Fucks with the resolution after getting out (the resolution is my desktop 16:9, 1366x768, which, btw, is the only way to set the game (same resolution as desktop) if you don't want the menu to look like ass due to some kind of filtering.) But when it exits is suddenly turns into another 16:9 : 1026X600. Unsatisfactory, may need a bash file bashing. How do you turn o
  22. Hey guys I have been drooling over this mod for quite some time and after finnally picking Doom 3 up on steam I downloaded the installer and got going on the training mission. With the only performance issue being the entering of new areas this problem started up a couple days after I got the mod installed. I was just starting to play the Saint Lucia mission when all of a sudden my game went back to main menu. Now I was already playing the mission just yesterday but when I went to load my quick save it would throw me back into the main menu with my sound volume cut out as well. If I try and
  23. That Rosewill has the Cherry black MX switches so should on paper be a good keyboard, and yeah I have read about the "buckling spring" and those Unicomb keyboards look very solid and beefy. I am typing on the Qpad atm, and I have observed 2 things: 1. Its a way too loud when typing (I dont know if I will be able to get used to this) 2. I keep mistyping left right and center, and that's because the keys are a tad smaller & closer together then my old Dell SK-8125. As I have found a brand new replacement for my SK-8125 I will most likely send this Qpad back.
  24. Fantastic, thanks for pointing me to your wiki... guess I should have looked a little bit harder. Anyhow I edited the config file for both the textures and the screen resolution. Now I can see the level in its full glory. I did however notice one other thing while playing, Anytime I panned / rotated the screen using the mouse the image appeared really choppy. Moving in straight line everything was seemless no "choppiness". Using the com_showfps command, I could see that I was getting a constant 40 fps no matter what I did physically in the game. From my experience that frame rate
  25. I see the disappearing object problem now and then, but it's usually a delay in DR drawing the object in its new position. Doing anything with the mouse usually makes the object reappear. Not being able to drag out a new brush is a different problem; it simply isn't there. I found that hitting DR buttons on the side or top of the screen in any random order (don't do anything that would damage the map) usually gets me back to the state where DR will let me drag out a new brush.
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