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  1. Hi. I've got the same problem here. The Dark Mod runs fine first time, tried to change the resolution and restart, and I get the Doom 3 loading screen, then a black main menu. The Dark Mod music plays but the screen is black. The console still works, and it shows 161 warnings related to being unable to load various assets for the main menu. On a more positive note, I loved the music, and the artwork I briefly saw on the menu was very atmospheric. I'm really looking forward to working this little bug out so I can see some more I think I might try the Linux version tonight...
  2. Okay, I deleted the game files using Steam, deleted all of the remaining files including dark mod stuff, installed doom3 and now it is freezing without doing anything to it. (oh and the steam version is the latest version...there is no patching and never supposed to be any patching required for steam games - manually anyway) Edit: looked at the steam log, and apparently the game goes to a black screen because it has stopped recieving any new frames....which makes sense as the game halts, monitors blacks out (no display), and then I get a black screen (display).
  3. Realtek High Definition Audio and EAX is and has been off. oh and FYI, the music continues without a problem when it goes to a black screen. Edit: I decided to check the version of room (which is correct), but I noticed where it gave me 12 warnings of being unable to load images related to extinguishable light. Would cause this kind of the issues I'm having? Here are the warnings or at least the 11 that it would show me and yes that period warning is what it gave me: Couldn't Load Image: . Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lamp_shaded Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lantern_oil_han
  4. Did you already try this: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15366-thedarkmodx86-black-screen/
  5. OK... I renamed gamex86.dll in doom3/base, still the same error, so I uninstalled RoE, then Doom3, then deleted the Doom3 folder and reinstalled Doom3 without RoE, set it up and made sure it ran OK, patched it to, and checked again it was still running OK. Next I copied DarkMod from the torrent into the Doom3 folder, and ran the DarkMod launcher. Again it ran first time, I changed the aspect ratio and screen resolution, and restarted. Once again it showed the Doom3 loading screen, then a black screen. This time there was one less warning in the console, with 160 warnings shown.
  6. I tried making a thumb-drive upgrade to 1.08 to 2.00 for a friend this evening and encountered this problem again too. Going to Win 7 compatibility did not help. I was able to start the mod using the following steps: 1) Delete Darkmod.cfg 2) Delete gamex86.dll 3) Double click TheDarkMod.exe 4) Black screen is shown 5) hit Alt + Enter to go into Windows mode Now I had a nice little 640x480 TDM which I could scale to higher resolutions. You can shortcut this process by changing: seta r_fullscreen "1" to seta r_fullscreen "0" in Darkmod.cfg and see if it renders.
  7. Alright so I tried a few things out during the last few days, but I still can't figure out how to make this game run... I got the latest driver and I've tried running it in Win7 compatibility mode, as well as running it as admin. I finally got the game log file by blindly going to the console and typing just what you said, here's the link http://pastie.org/private/khjeat5wvdpqkdwrhtrheq The weird part is that I got the game to run once, it just happened randomly after a restart. I proceeded to change the resolution after which it restarted fine as well. I also changed another graphic setting,
  8. Hey i tried going into the console, but nothing changed the screen was still just black with the menu music in the background. When I press the windows key i can see the menu; however I cant do anything so I have to revert to the task manager to close the program. I have tried every possible compatibility. I forgot to mention this initially, but my os is 64 bit. Any other ideas?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to install The Dark Mod on a Toshiba P200 running Linux Debian/Jessie. I have followed wiki pages and read the FAQ. I don't know where is my mistake. When I launch ./thedarkmod.x86, I only obtain a black screen. To install The Dark Mod, I have created .doom3/darkmod in my home directory. I have downloaded doom3-linux- to install doom3 (in default directory /usr/local/games/domm3). I have checked that doom3 runs fine. I can lauch doom3 but as I don't have serial number, it stops with a dialog and ask for a serial number. I have downloaded The Dark Mod
  10. Hey, the Dark Mod 2.0 has recently stopped working for me. Prior to this, I installed one of the missions in-game (don't remember which one) and during the installation process, the game crashed to desktop. The next time I tried to launch the game (the next day) all I got was a black screen for a short time as if the game would launch and then a crash to desktop, as well as the following crash log: I'm guessing that the easiest fix would be to reinstall but maybe this gives the guys who created this great mod some technical feedback that they might implement in a later patch (?). Or
  11. I have this issue, the screen goes black after the initial briefing for missions. I haven't been able to pay anything except for the training mission. I use an Nvidia card, there is no options relating to "edge detection".. I guess I could use the work-around of deleting the .cfg every time, but it'd be a giant hassle to rebind all my keys and change settings again. I'm open to any other suggestions, if anyone has any.
  12. After I edited a map file in a .pk4 archive, my main menu has gone missing. When I start TDM, I only get a black screen, then when I click the usual background pops up, but all menus are missing. I hear interface click sounds, but nothing else. Anyone else had this happen before?
  13. nbohr1more got it right the first time. boy do I feel dumb for some reason I thought my version of Doom3 was pre-patched. yeah I'm a dummy today. so it is working now, thank you very much for the help but I have another question. I have a wide 18~ish inch monitor and the game doesn't display all the way out to the side. the top and bottom meet up well but there's close to 2 inches of black nothing on either side of the game. my screen resolution is 1680 x 945 the closest I can get the game setting to that is 1680 x 1050 but the black side don't seem to change any from me adjustingz resolution
  14. Well I have Doom 3 for Steam, and you can set "launch options" for Doom 3. The option I had set was: +set fs_game sikkmod (to start the hdr mod made by sikkpin) But then I decided to change it to: +set fs_game darkmod (to start the dark mod) Then I read you were supposed to use tdmlauncher so I took that out of the launch options, but still no joy. Edit: Anyways, I took the launch options out and I just double-click "tdm launcher" but I'm still getting a black screen (after seeing the default doom 3 loading screen)
  15. I finally got around to installing The Dark Mod 1.02. Been meaning to for a long time. The mod looks superb from what I've seen so far. However, the mod was somewhat tempermental to get running well. At first, I had the "menu is a black screen" problem. It seemed to occur the first time I set the window to be full screen. I've also had the issue with the game crashing after several quick saves. But my main reason for posting was to mention the rendering issues I've been having. I'm mentioning a solution I found to one of them, in case anyone else runs into this specific problem. M
  16. Another question: While video_restart there is a gray screen. What do I have to do if I want the screen in another color, like pitch black. Or is even a picture possible, like TDM-logo?
  17. I have the same problem. After launching TDM by doubleclicking thedarkmod.exe, I get a black screen, but the sound runs as normal. I also get the mouseover sound effects when I move the mouse over a menu item. This started yesterday, after I updated to version 1.08. My Doom 3 version is, Win7 Home Premium, Phenom II X4 965, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5800 graphics card, native resolution 1680x1050, which I've also edited DoomConfig to. As I don't know what would go into an autoexec file I can't try that option.
  18. I confirm graphical bugs on torches and trasparency. The only resolution that i can use it's my native resolution of the screen 1920x1080 all other res it's a mess. I have a lot of black/not present textures in some areas (maybe it's because i don't have doom3 base directory installed?)
  19. I managed to get the saint lucia demo working a wile back in the year. I'm almost certain I had a problem with it at first but did play through the demo a few times. I wanted to discover if the mod would work for me and it did. Trouble is now the demo doesn't work. On top of that back when the demo did I tried to obtain the full mod. The TDM updater didn't seem to be able to connect to the file server and just as soon as the dos prompt window opened it would close, giving me little time to read the text. What I could tell was that it couldn't find the file server. I can download the full mod w
  20. Check out this topic. A few other people had a "black menu" problem. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10319-black-screen-on-startup/
  21. Well its the internet, somebody like that always appears. Yikes, what negative opinion about 64-bit, while there are some issues with quad processors and 64 bit, it is rare to have a problem with every game except for fairly old games like pre-02 or 03 and only sometimes. (the 32 bit compatibility of Vista is actually pretty good) Also he seems to not like reading/comprehending our posts. As far as my problem, I have a 500 W power supply and the video card requires 550 W, so that is probably the problem. If so, the power supply must have a good means of cutting off power without turning my
  22. Okay, so I can otherwise play TDM just fine. I have Catalyst AI turned off, bloom turned off, Doom 3 is patched to the right version, all those random tweaks - and still my map is crashing the game, though curiously it doesn't crash other people's computers. I've run it via devmap and gotten booted back to the menu sometimes, only to see "ERROR: idrendersystemlocal::uncrop: currentrendercrop < 1" which seems to be the culprit. When I run it with "map", the screen turns black - as if the game has momentarily loaded but is fading in from black - but then I get a "Doom 3 has stopped working"
  23. Hi all, I'm so happy that I found this mod again - I totally forgot about it, although as a Thief fan I really anticipated it back when it was first announced. But there's a problem when I launch it. The menu screen is completely black, just the cursor is visible. I hear the menu music and hear when I select menu items, but no visuals at all. Here's the console log (I can access the console just fine): http://pastebin.com/pzJEG30r As you can see, he was unable to load many of the files/textures/images, including "WARNING: Cannot find guis/mainmenu.gui", so I guess that's the problem.
  24. Hello, I have Doom in the correctly patched version and i have directed the darkmod folder into the Doom 3 folder and i can also run the darmod by starting up Doom 3 and then clicking on the "mods" menu. But as soon as i start the mod, the normal Doom 3 load screen pops up where it says "initializing menues" and stuff like that and then all i get is the sound and a black screen. I can't even see the menu! I just get the cursor and the sound. Can anyone help me with that problem?
  25. I fixed my id+black screen* removing from darkmod/fms the folder of the mission I failed to correctly install and the most recent modified files in the darkmod folder (currentfm, gamex86.dll, doomconfig.cfg, tdmlauncher.log). *caused by my closing the darkmod with alt+f4 when the screen was apparently unresponsive. While I doubt the log file matter, maybe the currentfm can be a problem too?
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