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Fan Mission: Pandora's Box by Jesps(2010/07/11)


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Pandora's Box is a small FM in which you have been smuggled on board a ship to steal an item called Pandora's Box, and replace it with a fake. But this is no ordinary ship...




Play time is roughly 25 minutes to an hour depending on your play style. Note that although the loot objectives are reasonable, finding all of it is quite a challenge so add to that time if you like to find it all!

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Glad to see this map released, for obvious reasons smile.gif


Just completed it. I like the things you have done with the map, especially on lights and shadows wub.gif (for those who dont know, this is a map originally made by me and finished off, and improved by Fidcal)

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Nice to finally see this released. But what a shame you didn't use the skybox I made for it. I thought the general response was pretty positive... But well, it's still a neat small FM with or without it. :-)



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I never found the skybox StiFu. All I remember was a posted picture with no info where it was. I left this FM alone as there were various discussions and I thought someone would be working on it then it fizzled out. I can't even find that old thread now I was looking for it a few days ago. In the end I gave up and just did what I remembered which was Springheel pointed out the lighting ought to be upgraded.

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Ah ok. Well it's textures/darkmod/nature/skybox/mountain_sunset (As can be seen on the "What's new in TDM 1.02" article). It's no big deal that you missed it. I was just a tiny bit disappointed at first... But it's all good now! ;)

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Wow... beautiful skybox there; if you can plug it in and pk4 it up before the masses wake I say go for it!


I've played through and loved the creativity and utilization of many of the excellent aspects of TDM! I played on easy cause I don't like to be told not to KO or kill, but found enough loot for expert.




However, apparently, I certainly didn't come close to what was available missed by some 200ish or so...








I swear this did not occur because I fell off of the side of the airship, it occurred to me to finally write it down as I was climbing around atop the crate(s) I arrived in... but anyway I'll put the 'it' in the improvements thread.




Thanks again, Jesps & Fidcal .

"A Rhapsody Of Feigned And Ill-Invented Nonsense" - Thomas Aikenhead, On Theology, ca. 1696

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@STiFU: It is a really nice skybox, but from this angle at least it needs a lighting fix. The sunset is off to the right in the image, correct? But the moon is lit up and from the left. Not likely unless we have two suns...


Congrats Jesps and Fidcal on finally getting this gem out.

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Thanks Fidcal!


(my wife probably won't let me back on the PC after work though... :( )


(There's always middle-of-the-night sneaking back on though...;) )

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Not a long mission, but it was very good in both looks and gameplay. There must be a lot I have missed, since I barely made the Expert loot goal; that will have to be remedied later. :ph34r:

Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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@STiFU: It is a really nice skybox, but from this angle at least it needs a lighting fix. The sunset is off to the right in the image, correct? But the moon is lit up and from the left. Not likely unless we have two suns...

Yeah, I posted that in the internal thread of this FM too. The moon needs to be rotated.

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Fun mission! :) Very unusual, creative and well designed environment. Finished within 30 minutes on the hardest setting. It was difficult but no quickload was necessary, so it's a pretty well balanced mission, IMO.


A few "bugs" I'd like to report:

- The stairs steps seems to be a little higher than the ideal for the AI to climb it naturally.

- Some minor pathfinding problems in the first room (he kept hitting the moveable objects)

- This one may need a spoiler tag:


The objective to return to the box where we start was completed before finishing the other objectives. I entered the crate after finishing the pandora box objective, but I was exploring the place in search of some loot and that door next to the crate was still unexplored, and hid inside the crate when the guard was patroling. After I've found the final loot (on the very front of the ship) the mission was completed, eventhough I wasn't inside the crate.


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Heh. This mission proves it that great complexity is not required for excellence.


I wished there was a better skybox and a good looking nightly ocean far down below..


Overall: Simple yet very entertaining and enjoyable mission.


Many thanks for the authors!

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-The mapper's best friend.

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I'm glad to see a change in the common formula of missions :)


I finished the map in about 15:25 so perhaps a little short, but still fun and free of frustration.



Another thing i noticed is that the crew seemed to act as though they had a helmet, it took a few blows behind the head even when being stealthy, although something i got them in the neck and they went down, could just be me.



Good job and good luck Jesps :)

Edited by Mr Lemony Fresh
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  • 1 year later...

Hi. :)


I just translated this FM into Italian. : D


Here's the link: :D



But I met a big bug with the pandora's box chest (i'm probably out of luck. : D) : i can't open the chest. I tried it with lockpicks, with the capitan key, but nothing.

maybe I'm forgetting to do something. : /

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