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Fan Mission: St Alban's Cathedral [updated] version 1.6 (13/03/2011)


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You edited the doomconfig.cfg?

Check that the correct values are in all the doomconfig.cfg files. I think there is one in darkmod folder and another in the doom/fm-name folder.


-The mapper's best friend.

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Disregarding versions differences, this is indeed a great mission. But I'm a bit sorry to say I prefer the original one. I've experienced some issues when playing v. 1.6, like frame rate droppings and sky appearances through unexpected breaches when inside sewers or places like the tunnel just before the tavern's basement. These are not serious issues, but they surely work against the player's involvement in the mission.


Concerning some topics in the old thread for this mission, neither I liked to stay on that scaffold without realizing chandeliers could be climbable, nor the sensation of being trapped in that small yard - in the beginning of the mission - until managing to jump over that spiked fence to reach the streets. Yes, pipes could normally be climbed - I didn't recall this for some moments -, but I agree with others that the chandelier was an annoying surprise, moreover because it was very hard to reach it from the scaffold - first I had to climb a bar at it's side to get there. Finally, at the tombs, I didn't see the mechanism that opens the saint's grave, but it worked after a lot of effort.


The lack of moving AI didn't bother me, for I understood that they shouldn't be a real threat, but a sort of hindrance to make mission tasty. Once one chooses expert level - and almost always cannot make kills - the AI become just 'spicy' obstacles.


After saying this and in spite of it I just have to say to you Bkrdude - and to all fm creators - Bravo!!!



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Finally I've managed to play this and I have to say it's awesome! Visually I think this is the best mission released so far: The cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful and the city one of the best I've seen so far.


Gameplaywise I especially enjoyed the city part. So many different places to go. So many things to discover.

Searching the hidden key in the drunken guy's house was great.




On the other hand I didn't like the riddle in the cathedral. It was interesting, when I found the glowing stone in the priest's room. The clue there was understandable and I made my way to the northern chandelier. I never figured that it was climbable though, until I read it on the forum. I tried shooting a rope arrow at the small dark thing next to it, which later turned out to be the latin readable. Once I had turned the valve in the ceiling I was pretty lost. Nothing seemed to happen the latin text meant nothing to me and I had to read on the forum again. Was the valve supposed to activate the lever over the crypt door? Because I had found that one, when I first left the crypt but couldn't figure out what it was for. After having read on the forum I knew this lever was important, went down there again, pulled it and was lost again. With a little more help from the forum I finally made it the St. Albans bones and finished the mission :) ...


Summing up, the riddles were to difficult for me. Usually I really enjoy riddles like that but I think there were to little hints in in the mission. For example there could have been a readable by the guy who has to change the chandelier candles, that he almost fell last time but barely grabbed the chandelier and hung there for a few minutes until someone got him down. That would have surely helped to figure out it was climbable! ;-)



Ooops ... now I've written more critique, than I originally wanted. This is a great mission Bikerdude and I really enjoyed it. For me it's the second best TDM mission released, second only to Heart.

Fidcal did a great job there in hiding clues to the riddles within the game world!


Congratulations! :)

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Man I can't find the



key in the drunken guy's house at all



I need to sit down and play this properly head to toe... I've been interrupted by two updates and started over twice, heh.

"No proposition Euclid wrote,

No formulae the text-books know,

Will turn the bullet from your coat,

Or ward the tulwar's downward blow

Strike hard who cares—shoot straight who can—

The odds are on the cheaper man."


From 'Arithmetic on the Frontier' by Rudyard Kipling

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get the malloc error.

I've already adjusted the config, in stac the folder and

in Doom3 folder.


seta image_useNormalCompression "2"


The following error will continue.

Shutting down sound hardware


Shutting down OpenGL subsystem

...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success

...deleting GL context: success

...releasing DC: success

...destroying window

...shutting down QGL

...unloading OpenGL DLL

------------ Game Shutdown -----------

--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------

ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries.


ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries.

I18N: Current language: german

I18N: Move articles to back: Yes

Main idLangDict: 128 KB in 1141 entries.

Reverse dict : 47 KB in 532 keys, 841 KB in 13447 values.

Articles dict : 47 KB in 532 keys, 841 KB in 13447 values.

Remapped chars : 0

I18N: Shutdown.

Shutdown event system


malloc failure for 4194312


Can anyone help?


Has done himself.


I have only the beginning "seta image_useNormalCompression" - changed entry, but not "seta image_useCompression". Has now changed.


The FM does now. :)

Edited by Sirius
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Congrats Sirius!


That 4GB patch may still come in handy if you are on Win7 64bit.

If your other applications use all the "32bit" memory addresses Doom 3 doesn't know how to access the 64bit ranges.

If it runs fine without the patch then hold-off until it's needed.

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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As I've said before time and time and time again, use of this patch is 32/64bit irrelevant, it works on either. But, the pirmary reason why I keep pointing people back to this patch is because it allows doom3.exe to get past its own internal 1.2GB limit, nothing more. This allows some maps that are getting malloc error's for what ever reason to run.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought I'd replay this updated version having enjoyed the original so much. i've had to give up though because of many malloc failures. I installed the patch but to no avail. should this be merely extracted to the Doom folder or is there a special way of doing it? Never had the malloc errors before on this computer on any other mission. I have 2 gb ram btw.

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Thank you both , will have another go!

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Very kind of you to offer. Will give it a twirl myself , if you don't hear from me assume all is well !!

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