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I made a holy symbol with my 3d printer

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@bikerdude pm, I will send you the original immediate, but you have to paint it for yourself. The back side is a little rough because of the support.


Thanks for the welcome greetings ^_^

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No problem, send a pm.



35 gramms
16 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm
These models has been made by the Dark Mod Community, so I won't sell any of these without permission.
But making those as a price for a map contest ...
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Beautiful work! You should open a shop for all things Thief!

The assets seem to be licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, wich prohibits commercial use like selling 3D-printed stuff. He would have to contact the authors of the assets (and probably the authors of any prohibitively licensed "ingredients" used by these authors too) and get a suitable license from them.


But a TDM merchandise shop would indeed be nice. Does anyone know the author(s) of the holy symbol of the builder's church?

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@Shadow you have to convert the file, so your slicer (program to convert the 3d file (mostly .stl) into machine code for the 3d printer (mostly gcode)) can read it. As far as I know, I used blender3d.

@lowenz try it. Is your landlord pushing or has your fence a hot tip for you?

And because of the license, it should not be a problem to attach the prepared stl file on my posting, so have your own stealable relict. 3D printers are cheap now (for example the ender 3), or ask a company to print it for you.


Greetings from Hamburg



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