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Feature request: Make players head non-static


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When you stop moving in a scene the players head is frozen stiff. e.g. it is not moving much like a camera on a tripod.

I suggest making the camera move very slowly (and very little) up/down and a bit sideways as well. This would add to the immersive 3D feel I think. If you have been running it could move a bit more than if you have been creeping / walking around.

And just to clarify a bit , I am not talking about massive movement here - only a slight, slow tilt/back/forward/up/down "random" motion. Enough to make the scene move a few pixels here and/there. Of course such a feature should be possible to turn off (and/or adjust the intensity of the effect).

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Well in real life you don't stay perfectly still either. I am not talking about bobbing up/down but, very slowly moving the head to an offset value that is not perfectly in the center. Pretend like you are looking out the window and during 5-10 seconds your head moves half a cm to left/right/up/down whatever. This barely changes what you see, but you are seldom perfectly static.

Edit: it would not be like adding blinking because you blink anyway. When you sit in front of your computer screen your head moves , but not what you are looking "into"

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As Spring said, your brain compensates for this type of thing, and there's a huge difference between doing this e.g. while walking, and when you're sitting in front of a static screen. That kind of motion could possibly mess with your inner ear and make you sick.

IIRC, Thief Deadly Shadows had a very mild up/down movement when the character was idle to mimic breathing. But it didn't really add much to the overall experience, it was just there.

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I am just thinking that it would add some life to the experience if you where lurking in an alley and waiting for a guard or something. I am not talking about anything as quick as mimicking breathing, it is just that if you look straight ahead you got a pixel perfect view of your surroundings. I am just looking for a "superslow-slight-drift". From a programmers point of view it would be something like having a 100x100 grid and if your "head" was at the center 50,50 then it would move to for example 50+3 in a duration of 5 or even 15 seconds. That would be VERY slow and hardly noticeable other than making sure you don't get a static picture all the time. I think it would be a interesting experiment at least... and who knows... I might not even like it myself ;)

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If you have a big TV, try playing Thief Deadly Shadows in first person. I tried it recently on a projector, which was an equivalent of 70-something inch TV. What was a hardly noticeable effect on a 24-inch monitor is now a source of an eye strain and uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. And you can't turn it off, so no TDS on a big screen for me 😕.

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7 hours ago, waxhead said:

I don't get your argument. As I said in my original post.. such a feature should be possible to turn on/off and also adjust the intensity of the effect.

I brought up that example so anyone can see whether this feature works for them or not, without spending developer time on it.

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I don't think the devs are going to consider something like this. But I don't think it's as difficult to code as you might think. This is one of those projects that's well within a fan's ability to mod in for themselves. I'd search the forums and the source code for anything to do with head movement, and I think it wouldn't take long before the key code you'd have to change pops up.

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