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"Silently" Add a New Objective Or Make One Visible

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I want to have some customized messages appear for certain objectives and was curious if there was a way to prevent the hard coded gui messages for objective complete or new objective from appearing. I was able to suppress the objective complete message by inserting a frame delay between the objective being completed and making it visible, but of course this results in the "new objective" message popping up even if the objective had been visible before.

I didn't see anything, but anyone aware of a method to "silently" make an objective visible so custom gui messages and sound effects could appear?

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Can confirm that both completing an objective and making an objective visible are hardcoded to show those messages:

	// Only this objective is complete, not the entire mission
	// Ongoing objectives don't play the sound or mark off in the GUI as complete during mission
	// greebo: Don't play sound or display message for invisible objectives
	if (!obj.m_bOngoing && obj.m_bVisible)
		player->StartSound("snd_objective_complete", SND_CHANNEL_ANY, 0, false, NULL);

		// greebo: Notify the player
		player->SendHUDMessage( "#str_02453" ); // "Objective complete"




void CMissionData::Event_NewObjective()
    gameLocal.Printf("NEW OBJECTIVE\n");

    idPlayer* player = gameLocal.GetLocalPlayer();
    if (player == NULL) return;

    player->StartSound("snd_new_objective", SND_CHANNEL_ANY, 0, false, NULL);

    // greebo: notify the player
    player->SendHUDMessage( "#str_02455" ); // "New Objective"


Maybe string 02453 can be changed temporarily. Otherwise those functions would need to be modified to check some new variable, which is rather late in the 2.10 cycle.

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Something to add to the wishlist for 2.11 perhaps.

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Oi. I couldn't find a bugtracker entry for this, so I created one (#5967) and was so free to provide a solution (revision 9925).


I have added a script function on the player that allows to turn the notifications on and off. The function has no return value.

//turn the notification (sound + text) off, using a nonzero value turns them on again

This works for "objective completed", "objective failed" and "new objective". Hope that's what you are looking for.

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