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Looking for a mission


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I'm looking for this mission I played many years back.


It takes place in a town, and I think it's raining. You're supposed to break into a book dealer's shop, and steal this magical book. I seem to recall a fiery haunt appearing in the shop at one point


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That is "The Transaction", it is one of my go-to missions for TDM build testing since it has an easily accessible scripted event and starts with a spline camera animation ( two things that are at risk for failure when doing core code changes to TDM ).

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4 minutes ago, tapewolf said:

Keep in mind it's part of a series - it would be really nice if they were compiled together into a campaign at some point so there's less messing around playing them in order.

That's up to Sotha; but I can imagine loot rolling over to the shop for the next mission might mess with the play balance.

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Does anyone know Fan Missions where EAX environmental reverb really shows it's all ASMR beauty? Most FM's seem to be huge missions or campaigns.

Seems that older missions have it disabled and only newer updated ones were tuned to have it on. Is there a list of FM's which ones have EAX on?

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19 minutes ago, Anderson said:

Is there a list of FM's which ones have EAX on?

Yes, on the wiki the article Fan Missions for the Dark Mod has a column for EAX. You can use it to find, for example, small missions with EAX by first using the column header to sort by size, and then by EAX. The smallest mission with EAX enabled is Deadeye.

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My missions:           Stand-alone                                                      Duncan Lynch series                              

                                      Down and Out on Newford Road              the Factory Heist

                                                                                                  A House Call


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