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Remove Overlay/Background Image Feature?

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  1. 1. I am using the background image / overlay feature

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    • No, can be removed

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This is a very old feature, and I got the impression that nobody is using it. If that's the case, I'd like to get rid of the corresponding code, unused features are just a maintenance burden.

edit: not even knowing that feature counts as "no"

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A background image is useful if you're closely working from a reference image to create shapes. I use it quite often in Blender, but haven't done so in DarkRadiant yet.

That said, I've only discovered its existence like a year ago and would probably have used it heavily when I was still in the business of modelling ships in DR from line plans and blueprints. I can imagine it being useful for various other DR-based modelling, too.

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I never used it, but I think it could be useful. I think nobody made a good example video or other tutorial (I think) and so nobody seen it being a useful feature for.

Thanks for reminding me about this feature. 😁

Could it be a plugin? So it is an optional feature that doesn't clutter the ui when not activated.

Edit: I thought it could be useful in 3d view, but it's in 2d view on all xyz views, which I personally don't find so useful.

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I haven't used it back in the day when I was still an active author, although I am pretty sure it's because I didn't knew of it back in the day. I've also never used layers, so that's probably not a good indicator.

I could see it beeing useful if one is either working close to a reference as Dragofer mentioned or if one simply adopts its working style to it (for example creating a sketch first, maybe even in real, as some, myself included, may find it easier than an image program, and then use a scan or image of it as reference).

Instead of removing it would be a notification in DR, stating it isn't maintained anymore, be an option in case not many are using it?

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I saw that feature but admittedly never used it myself nor see myself needing it. If it's not bloating the code or getting in the way of anything, I'd say try keeping it still: I can see it being useful if for instance someone adds a top-down view of a city (Google maps?) and can more easily sketch buildings from above.

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