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  1. Is that a binary? I've got to fix my windows 10 install so I'll try to make progress on that tomorrow night.
  2. Is the 2.07 or 2.07 Hotfix 1? please post a full condump and your darkmod.cfg
  3. This has been added to the in-game Downloader. I'll need to add a 2nd screenshot for the mission screens to work (once our missions page is fully working..) Edit: Added the 2nd screenshot
  4. It may sound dystopian but a fair solution is at our feet: Declassify all phone geolocation and audio transcript data from the NSA for all involved parties. If there was a rape there will be: Phone geolocation for both parties. "Listening" audio from multiple backdoor-ed computing devices (phones, TV's, etc). Text-to-speech for the above audio collections. There's no such thing as a "no evidence" crime when NSA collects "everything".
  5. The last time stgatilov chimed-in on PBR, he was pessimistic about how viable it would be to "convert" TDM to it. Largely because of all the tuning needed for both the light projections and texture assets. In my humble opinion, there is no need to fully comply with all the strictures of "true PBR" to benefit from better specular behavior. So we could just implement these shaders and create new image map types for it. It's just a matter of demonstrating the benefits to the team. Demo images \ videos go a long way towards winning over the majority...
  6. Please check the ownership and state of the darkmod folder. It probably is set to read only. Also, try running TDM as Administrator.
  7. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Cutscenes_Part_2:_Splines_and_Camera_Movement
  8. This substance generator looks cool...
  9. I uploaded this to the mirrors: http://www.southquarter.com/tdm/fms/hhvf.pk4 http://darkmod.taaaki.za.net/fms/hhvf.pk4 http://www.fidcal.com/darkuser/missions/hhvf.pk4 I'll ping taaaki to see if he can create the link to the in-game mission database.
  10. Taaaki is currently looking into fixing the appearance if possible.
  11. What OS are you running? Q1. Does upgrading to 2.07 make all the saves from 2.06 unplayable?? A1: Yes. Saves are NOT compatible between releases except 2.07 and 2.07 hotfix. Q2. "TheDarkModx64.exe" shows up in my new DarkMod folder. Can I copy/paste to my old folder?? A2: If your old folder has different assets to the new folder, the executable may not match them. Q3. My old folder (with all the saves in the "fms" folder) will play if I run TheDarkMod.exe instead of TheDarkModx64.exe. A3: Yes, both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions will play and saves are compatible between versions.
  12. I agree with that sentiment... Taaaki ?
  13. That's not 2.07 That's 2.08 You would need 2.08 shader assets for that. Here is where you get 2.07 sources: http://www.thedarkmod.com/sources/thedarkmod.2.07.src.7z
  14. Upgrade to a 2019 driver or set r_useFenceSync to 0
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