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  1. One of the worst BSG episodes but with one of the top titles from Bear McCreary. Reminds me of Led Zep (Kashmir) and King Crimson (Vroom!).
  2. Hi there, A little late to the party. Thank you very, very much to all past and current contributors. I do not have the faintest idea about the massive work all the contributors put into TDM to make it was it is today. I never really understood how video game are being developed. Reading the tutorials and watching the vids from both Sotha and Springheel enabled me to do something I would not have imagined five years ago and with help from veteran contributors (especially grayman, ERH+ and Destined helped me a lot with technical problems) I was able to put out two missions. They are far from perfect, but, hey, I did it! (oh yeah!) 2019 provided us so far with great missions - among others there were Bienie's Precarious Position (it includes my new time all favourite intro area), ERH+'s unusual and creepy "Marsh of Rahena", Dragofer's latest marine mission (with stuning visuals!) and joebarnin's "Heart of Saint Mattis" (this one includes very appropriate allocation of the existing ambient sound files). Just recently krrg released his first mission (I did not even know the user name) and other forum members have made great progress with their WIPs. I just looked into the WIPs from my partners in crime Jedi_Wannabe and Amadeus. Both have spent a lot of time on their maps and the WIPs look already very good (some areas look IMO even fantastic). I can't wait to see the final results. Therefore let's hope for cool new missions from new and veteran contributors in the upcoming months! Jack
  3. Congratulations! I will have a look this weekend!
  4. Petike, Have you checked the forums history? If my recollection is correct, there were at least two offers here during the past two years, but I cannot find them in none of the boards.
  5. " Said she was a user, IBM out of South Africa - I was a receiver in a café bar in Manchestaa." Whatever that is supposed to mean.
  6. Trent Reznor wrote this song. After hearing this version, he said, "I wrote it, but JC owes it now". There is also a version available with Bowie/Reznor performing it.
  7. No, as in MMPs post, the door is closed and cannot be frobbed. That's the reason I cannot proceed (that is, I think so).
  8. Yeah, I am having the same problem. @Bienie: the door in question is not frobbable anymore.
  9. Hello Bienie, He did it again! I hereby award you with the new title "MMM" (=Machine Making Missions). Thank you, I will try it this nite! Jack
  10. Yeah, the biggest problems is, that there is no way to knock out guards permanently. However, somehow I liked the game and thus finished it. Psi-Ops is definitely worth a try. The PSI abilities can be used for various stealth attacks....and the game does not take itself too serious.
  11. How do you create a world in this game? Can the mapper use some sort of brushes as in DR and create Visportals?
  12. Do you know the games below? They might be worth a look Stolen Psi-Ops However, I have not played Rogue Ops till now. I recall the story being described quite stupid, but then again the storylines in the SC games are not really good as well.
  13. Heavily influenced by the then popular "Firestarter" stuff from The Prodigy.
  14. HH:TLC, Part III: The Citadel Of Enlightenment The entrance (not very welcoming): I do not know what Amadeus had in mind when he added the "Enlightenment" for the narrator text in HH:VF. Most probably, there will be lots of puzzles to be solved in order to become "enlightened". Hm..yeah, that would explain a lot! Although seemingly not occupied by human beings, some areas are kept in good condition, though I do not have a clue why the revenants would use a working baptistery. Thus, I have no doubt that the undead Builders (I lack a better word) "living" down there comply with one of the Builder's highest commandments: "Thou shalt not live in a mess!" This is truly an important finding.
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