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  1. Canada's best since Neil Young. Period. I have to admit, they do a lot of covers (most popular perhaps their take of the Townes Van Zandt song "Waiting around to die" used in an episode of "Breaking Bad", season 2), but this is why I bought all three available albums from them (and I liked all of them):
  2. Hello Dyger, I am very sorry, I did not foresee this problem during mapping and beta. The relevant command does not work consistently for reasons I do not understand
  3. Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever Filename : hhvf.pk4 Date of release: 20/07/2019 Version: 1 Download via the in-game downloader. Known bugs: - stencil shadows do not work correctly (version 1) - sometimes, the character "Applefinger" cannot be knocked out when sitting on the chair without failing the mission. (version 1) Hidden Hands Series: I. Initation - II. Vitalic Fever Jack Farmer: mapping & drafts Amadeus: alpha testing, geometry fixes, performance checks, drafts for gameplay and objectives, revision of all readables, dialogues & narrator texts Grayman: AI fixes, gameplay fixes, trap fixes Duzenko: alpha testing, performance checks and improvement tips Beta Testers: - Joebarnin - Cambridge Spy - Boiler's Hiss (aka "The architect's darling") - Jedi_Wannabe (aka "The man of many voices") - Amadeus (aka "The Writer") Voice actors: Malasdair Narrator Jedi_Wannabe All four guards chatting about the guests, chickens, inventions and unusual job interviews New Horizon The educated Builder Goldchocobo The naive Builder Special thanks to: - Springheel, Sotha, and Fidcal for the tutorials. - VanishedOne, Stumpy, Destined, Grayman, Joebarnin and ERH+ for patiently answering my questions solving all the in-game problems. - PsymH (aka "Stringer Bell") for connecting me with the right guys on TTLG for additional voice acting. - Goldwell for teaching me how to integrate a custom video in a fms and helping me with troubleshooting during the integration of one of the Builder's voices. - all voice actors & beta testers for their great support. - all others not mentioned here who answered my questions in the Newbie thread or via PM. Contributors from the Inventor's Guild: - Destined wrote a new definition for the "spidsey-babsies", enabling those beasts to move through tunnels. - Grayman wrote a script enabling Halfrid to hold the quill only when it is needed. He also fixed several other AI problems with respect to path finding, damages and interaction with light switches. Pilfered items: - Portal sky with hills and trees originally developed and arranged by Sotha for "Thomas Porter: The Transaction". - Frobbox booster re-created from a map originally developed by Grayman All new ambient music and sound effects written, performed and mixed by Jack Farmer. Briefing video by SirSmokeAlot Pictures
  4. Hello Springheel, You are right, I have tried this once again and now it works as I always wanted it. Thank you very much for your help! I will adjust this for the two locations in question....and then I will post a release thread. Jack
  5. You are right, sorry; I forgot to mention that. I have already tried someting like that with the "bind" command. I will give this another try before I go public.
  6. Yeah this works, but this is a one way solution. What I need is that the guard would resume his original route when using the switch once again (because, for example, through afresh flipping of the switch, the trap door closes and the area above it is accessable once again)
  7. Check my post on April, 25th and the following discussion: This was also the very first thing I tried, and I am sure that it dit not work which made me search for other options. On the other hand, with different objectives types (grab item "xxx") it works perfectly - I had such a set up in my first mission. Conclusion: - you can silence a speaker with completion target when triggering this event through a "grab item" objective - you cannot silence a speaker with completion target when triggering this event through a "high alarm" objective (and the other way round)
  8. That was my first thought. The problem is, some of the completion targets in the relevant objectives are already occupied with other commands, and I think I cannot add more than one completion target...?
  9. Hello grayman, Unfortunately, it does not work, and I did not want to bother you again with this problem. If ok fro you, I will create a pk4 with a quicksave shortly before the player can end the mission.
  10. Yes, this is the only thing I could integrate into the mission. Turning the speaker off though does not work; the speaker needs to be teleported away. If I could teleport the speaker back into place once alarm level decreases and lute players starts playing the lute again, then everything would be ok. However, that does not work.
  11. Thank you for your answers. However, I have already tried to move the nodes through movers , teleporters or change_target entities. Nothing worked. Are you sure that one of these methods should work?
  12. I do not know where to post this (@Springheel: If not fitting, please move it to an appropriate section) If all mission objectives have been reached, the player shall says some final words.
  13. 1, AI walks from path note 1 to path node 2 to path node 3 2. Due to player's actions (using switches etc), path node 2 is not availably anymore (becuase it is maybe located on a trap door) 3. When path node 2 is not available anymore, AI shall go straight to path node 3
  14. There is no easy way to make a luteplayer react to player's actions. Thus, an lute playing AI would be very helpful with the following properties: - variable skins - at a certain alarm level, lute player stops playing lute and so does the designated sound files...when alert level decreases, lute player, starts again playing the lute and the designated sound file start playing once again - at a very high alarm level, lute player drops the lute (and sound file stops) and runs away
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