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  1. Most popular video about Moldova:

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Having studied older and more recent Moldovan history, I've always felt the country was dealt a bad hand. And the Soviets and their successors, even if they invested in the economy in the past, are partly to blame for it. If there wasn't the whole Transnistria business, I bet Moldova could have already been in the EU along with Romania, and been better for it.

    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Anderson, personally speaking, I otherwise like your country, but I certainly don't like the neglect it's suffered, or that it's been in political limbo for some 30 years. Here's hoping things will improve in the future.

    4. Anderson


      Thanks for the consolation. It only remains to see for how much longer can we survive this way.

  2. So, New Zealand banned semi-autos. Not a long way from banning semi-auto handguns...

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    2. Anderson


      In short, we believe it will take time to have common sense gun rights like Switzerland and the Czech Republic as normal rights recognized in most free liberal democracies without too much zeal like in the US. But that will happen by the time spirits calm down in the US. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    3. chakkman


      As i mentioned, my definition of common sense is not to distribute tools to kill living beings to the civilian population. I can't see any common sense justifying the need to carry a gun. It's not the wild west here. And i'm also not living in a corrupt third world country.

    4. Anderson


      It is sad that the rationale of limiting guns to civilians also extends to pepper sprays and other non-lethal tools of self-defense. And by the time that happens like for example in the UK, nobody will be able to stop it. Moreover to stop the Westerminster attack.

  3. Total Biscuit lost the fight against cancer today...

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    2. Cambridge Spy

      Cambridge Spy

      How ironic, most game reviewers are cancer themselves.

    3. MoroseTroll
    4. Tarhiel


      That´s very sad :( I had no idea. Rest in peace.

  4. So another strife for next year is whether Israel gets to host Eurovision?

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    2. stumpy


      it will be in jerusalem, expect it to get blown up, security will be very tight and there will probably be a lot of shooting, and people throwing things.

    3. Cambridge Spy

      Cambridge Spy

      Especially since the US has now moved their embassy there.

    4. Anderson


      They might just put it in Tel-Aviv if the world resists because there might be no infrastructure and terrorism is bad rep.

  5. Oh wow so Daggerfall got a DaggerXL release: https://github.com/Mindwerks/XLEngine

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    2. Anderson


      Daggerfall was the least playable due to bugs and glitches. Impossible to patch with the old engine.

      Therefore one of the least popular Elder Scrolls.

    3. stgatilov


      Does this update have less bugs than original or more? =)

    4. Anderson


      Less I hope. That's the whole point.

    1. kano


      They'll probably come up with a tax on violent video games. The next one you buy will cost an extra $5 or so.

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    2. teh_saccade


      Gotta save the NRA and 4th ammendment somehow. Smart move, distracting and blaming the issue on something that's not real and a dead horse. No matter what people think of Trump, you gotta hand it to the guy that he's a master social and media mechanic and manipulator.

    3. Xarg


      Now let's watch the people who've spent the last decade blaming games suddenly reverse course and defend games because TDS is in full swing, and #resist'ing means denying your own talking points.

    4. OrbWeaver


      Xarg hits the bullseye. Watching retards like Anita Sarkeesian suddenly about-face and start defending video games because Trump says they're bad must be one of the best things I've seen this year.

  6. I'm probably late and all but does anyone know what is the ambiance called in 2001: A Space Odyssey during Dr Heywood's team fly over the surface of the moon that was apparently borrowed into the Thief games?

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    2. Anderson


      Improvisation at its best!

    3. Anderson


      Actually the Auldale Sountrack has it a lot in the end.


    4. Epifire


      Not sure what the name of that sequence is directly in Space Odyssey but there's a name for that kind of harmonic layering. Good thing I can't think of what it's called either tho :P

  7. Paris Climate Deal... and the Ice Age of 1978, coincidence?

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    2. stumpy


      the co2 threshold for plants is 150 parts per million below this and they all die, we die soon afterwards, current co2 is 400 parts per million, should be 1000 parts per million for plants to thrive.

    3. Anderson


      1000 parts per million for plants to thrive means Earth will have more jungles and forests and such?

    4. Xarg


      Some plants, no doubt. You could probably kiss goodbye to all the boreal forests though.

  8. Paris Climate Deal... and the Ice Age of 1978, coincidence?

  9. Does anyone fancy Adlib libraries?

    1. ERH+


      Sounds very similar to Ultima Underworld.

    2. ERH+


      After listening to track 12FM I've started wondering if Kitaro's Silk Road was made on such top notch audio card :D .

    3. freyk


      i am more a awe32 guy. The remasterd version sounds also nice.

  10. My country's screwed.

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    2. demagogue


      Canada lucked into a good deal. I remember back in college (1996) a Moldovan guy volunteered with us on a US campaign. He was probably the first East European I'd ever met. Not sure he understood anything going on, but at least he was really into it. I take it that early fascination with open democracy didn't last. =L

    3. Anderson


      Well, it didn't work. We had a war in 1992 and everyone who isn't lazy takes a piece off of this country whenever they want since "independence".

      We experience the phoenomenon of a "captured state".

    4. Anderson


      And you're right, since 1991 half of the population emigrated this republic.

  11. Did you really build the legendary mansion from Thief 1? Great to have a developer from those times!

    1. Deadlove


      Greets Anderson,


      No, it wasn't me who build it. It's allusion to the Chaos that artists find inspiration within. So in a sense, that's mean building the mansion / laying goroundwork for Madesss...and such a bautifual place that the mansion is. t violates lawes of physics and reality, total Madness. Look at what happened to it in "Escape!". :-)


      Cheers and thanks for all your support with the reverb on the sounds. I apprciate greatly others being t...

  12. Love your mission. Thank you!

    1. Moonbo


      Thanks Anderson, I hope it provides some inspiration for your own mapping work :-).

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