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Status Updates posted by duzenko

  1. CPU benchmark time - compiling DarkRadiant (2nd run)

    i5 8600K 6C/6T@4.4GHz DDR4 2x2133MHz 9MB cache

    • Parallel builds: 1. 3:57
    • Parallel builds: 6 (default). 2:28

    r5 1600AF 6C/12T@3.3GHz DDR4 1x2666MHz 16 MB cache, temp folder on HDD

    • Parallel builds: 1. 5:05
    • Parallel builds: 4. 2:47
    • Parallel builds: 6. 2:55
    • Parallel builds: 12 (default). 2:57
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    2. jaxa


      You changed the RAM speed and now I must REEEEEE

      Well, you're probably not going to squeeze much more out of a Gen 1.5 Ryzen.

    3. AluminumHaste


      Try your memory (if it can) at 2666Mhz, which should match the infinity fabric and get the best performance.

    4. duzenko


      My ram is mixed xmp and non-xmp and tends to hang the pc on high speeds

  2. After I added one more CVar today, we now have exactly 1,000 (one thousand) cvars in total

    This is an important landmark in the history of cvar creation 🤣

    Use the listCvars command in game console to check


    1. AluminumHaste


      Please correct it to the more pleasing 1024

  3. Is there a console command to end the mission, won or lost?

    1. nbohr1more



  4. This weekend I've had a unique opportunity to compare not two, and not even three, but four 2-1 transformers

    • 2016 HP Spectre 13
    • 2017 HP Envy 15
    • 2019 Yoga 720-15
    • 2020 LG Gram 13

    Among other things I tested sustained 3D performance with TDM.

    TL;DR Intel Iris does not make sense in 15W chips (well, it did not on 14nm)




  5. I'm going dark

    Feel free to reassign all my tickets and delete unfinished work (multi-light shaders, x-ray view, etc) in trunk

    Special thanks to @nbohr1more and @stgatilov for putting up with my countless bugs and making great company

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    2. JackFarmer


      You've been of great help during testing of my first two releases.

      Thank you for your help and stay healthy!


    3. stgatilov


      Sad to hear.
      I hope you are OK, and it's just real life that needs attention.

      Thank you for working on the game!
      Despite my complaints, you have improved TDM a lot. Without you, rendering would have been near Doom 3 level still.


    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Duzhenko, whatever it is, I hope everything will go well for you. Thank you for all the hard work so far for the community. Come back anytime you'd want. As far as I'm concerned, the door will be always open and the light always on for you. Best wishes, P.

  6. Could you get back to @Bikerdude on steam? He could use some guidance with rotation hack in the shadowhide map

  7. Did you know all new Radeon cards now require at least an 8-pin power supply line?

    I was looking for a replacement for my desktop RX 570 and originally wanted an AMD card to test TDM on.

    Now I have to resort to buying an Nvidia because none of my 3 PSU's has an 8 pin output.

    I'm full Nvidia now.

  8. New laptop. So long, Intel. No more head bumping.

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    2. jaxa
    3. duzenko


      I can see a lot of powerpoint slides but nothing convincing

      IMHO Intel is moving in the wrong direction. They have Iris 655 but you can only find it in Macbooks. They should have pushed it to major laptop producers so that there was a $600 laptop with it. Then, I want to be able to switch between TDP levels, at least when plugged in. And of course 128MB edram is NOT enough.

      AMD is even worse with their IGPs ATM.

    4. demagogue


      Speaking of which, I ran Darkmod on my new laptop with a GTX 1060, and it got 16 fps. Then I realized it was running Intel graphics by default and I had to go into the settings to have the GTX run it. Then the fps instantly shot up to 150. So watch out for that.

  9. Consider buying a new (used) laptop. It has about the same horsepower as mine, but better screen and battery. (and more expensive as well). Makes sense or it's just consumer rabies?

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    2. teh_saccade


      Don't forget to check speakers - I received an insurance "upgrade" when my laptop charging port came too loose - they didn't repair, replace instead - and the sound is terrible. Can't hear a thing without headphones. Screen is better, though AMD burns hot.


      Ultimately - this "upgrade" was a "downgrade" and I wish I had simple soldered the jack instead of thinking a 5 year newer laptop would be better - because it's not.


      It's wh...

    3. teh_saccade


      It's why its name is "craptop".

    4. duzenko


      I ended up buying a new (possibly refurbished) on black market. Bigger battery and more horsepower, roughly the same price.

  10. Put an nVidia 1060 and an AMD 570 into my work PC. Vendor-specific issues should get resolved faster.

    1. nbohr1more
    2. stgatilov



      And I have not yet got to the shop to get AMD part...

      Hope to catch up soon =)

  11. WTF Intel? The cheapest laptop with Iris and 4 cpu cores is a MacBook Pro? For that price I can get TWO hp's with a similar Ryzen APU. Or even TWO asus's with quad code Intel and a dedicated nVidia. Stupidest pricing ever!

    1. chakkman


      Question is... what has Intel to do with that?

    2. kano


      Really thankful for Ryzen myself. Yes there were stability issues at first, but they're ironed out now. And now we have processors with integrated graphics that aren't useless. TDM runs great on a Ryzen 2400G.

    3. jaxa


      Do not get Ryzen Mobile until next year when 7nm version comes out. It could very well blow this year's 12nm version out of the water.

  12. [DUMB] I can't get stencil SS to work. Went as far as Dec 208 in svn.What cvar could it be?

    1. duzenko


      Dec 2018 that is

    2. duzenko


      Just toggled separatstencil back and forth and it works now. Crazy. Intel driver at work?

    3. AluminumHaste


      Probably, I was using stencil SS last night on SVN and they worked fine.

  13. "WARNING: 0:3: '#extension' : 'ARB_explicit_uniform_location' is not supported"?? Intel, you suck.

    1. nbohr1more


      Things muttered by game devs annualy... :)

  14. New stuff is cool... not

    1. nbohr1more


      Gotta fix the old breakage before making new breakage ya known? (Old developer fortune cookie.)


      I think we can still get a little coolness going though...


      Let's not get too pessimistic.

  15. New laptop. 22 -> 48 fps. Intel 530 (vs 5500).

    1. nbohr1more


      Oh no! Now you wont have any incentive to optimize. ;) (congrats)

    2. Bikerdude
    3. duzenko


      It's 540 actually. Getting old...

  16. Shadow maps are here for testing

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    2. Bikerdude


      Just tested s-shadows with my one of my WIPs and they are completely broken.

    3. nbohr1more


      Probably needs a new executable compile. I'll do so tonight if nobody beats me to it.

    4. duzenko
  17. Test the new GLSL interaction shader: "r_ignore2 1" in the svn .exe

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    2. New Horizon

      New Horizon

      Indeed. It crashes for me as well. Any progress on this?

    3. duzenko
    4. nbohr1more
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