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  1. Thanks Myagi for the suggestion. Were you also experiencing the Black Screen bug and did this fix your problem? It seems like there are a lot of people experiencing this same Black Screen problem. There is a lot of speculation and a bunch of different ideas but does anyone have a definitive solution to this problem? Again, we all seem to be describing the exact same problem so it seems fair to think that there should just be one solution to this problem. I've tried the solutions listed in this thread but haven't been able to get TDM running. I might have missed something so is there one
  2. Hi, I tried the pkgbuild you posted in the AUR comments section. The package builds and at the end of the installation of darkmod-2.01-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz I get the following errors, /tmp/alpm_YYImnc/.INSTALL: line 2: [: missing `]' chmod: missing operand after ‘g=rwx’ Try 'chmod --help' for more information. If I launch the game all I get is a black screen with a mouse pointer which I cannot exit from.
  3. Hi all, I bought a new laptop with an Intel HD4000 as graphic card by I'm having problems running TDM. First of all I can run Doom 3 and many other games with this card, so I think the problem is not in the video card performances. When I run the game I get the message on top of the thread. I already check FAQ and put in the configuration the fix for black screen, but nothing. Can I fix this and play the game or Intel drivers aren't able to run this wonderful mod? $ padsp ./tdmlauncher.linux Path to tdmlauncher is /home/rief/.doom3/darkmod/tdmlauncher.linux Darkmod directory is /home/rief
  4. gcc: gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5.1) 4.4.3 scons: script: v1.2.0.d20100117.r4629, 2010/01/17 22:23:21, by scons on scons-devengine: v1.2.0.d20100117.r4629, 2010/01/17 22:23:21, by scons on scons-dev ------------------------------ 2.05 has already been branched from the trunk. After some fixes I needed to get from duzenko regarding source changes he made, I have no problem compiling 2.05 on my virtual Linux box. We do have a Linux crash that was reported after the load screen of any mission, which is new w/2.05. Hopefully the Linux folks can figure that out, otherwise I'll prolly have to rev
  5. I've got an Nvidia GTX670 and I'm wondering what affect the Nvidia application settings via the Control Panel has on TDM render quality. In TDM everything is maxed - 16x AA and TA with the resolution set to my monitor's native 1440x900. I then did a few tests using the following settings on TheDarkMod.exe in the Nvidia Control Panel as follows: Default - nothing changed - everything left on "global setting" Only one setting changed - forced 32 CSAA - presumably this overrides the 16x setting in game All application settings overridden and set to their max I took a screenshot from a saved game
  6. Hello! I'm reinstalling windows 7 from iso image right now, and will answer the "tests" questions right after that. Yes on my G53, no on my other rig (no management power) Plugged, always Yep Nope, but I don't think it would explain the problem (Sata 2 speeds are still very good and my SSD wouldn't benefit from sata 3 speeds, plus my desktop doesn't have an ssd) Then I will disable the compression! I usually do but that's not the case on the desktop. But the comment on the temperatures is very relevant, i didn't even think of that! Sadly, I take good care of my computers, the G5
  7. When I first started with TDM 1.8, particle emitters were emitting black cubes. It got fixed. Now I'm on TDM 2.0, I've got the black cubes again. I've searched the forum and cannot find what I did to fix it the first time (a post by OldJim, I believe). It was certainly something very simple, but my memory has failed me. Any suggestions? EDIT: Ah - I did find the old solution, which was to delete and reinstall Doom3. As Doom3 has now gone from my system, I don't think that's going to work this time.
  8. Hi. I've got the same problem here. The Dark Mod runs fine first time, tried to change the resolution and restart, and I get the Doom 3 loading screen, then a black main menu. The Dark Mod music plays but the screen is black. The console still works, and it shows 161 warnings related to being unable to load various assets for the main menu. On a more positive note, I loved the music, and the artwork I briefly saw on the menu was very atmospheric. I'm really looking forward to working this little bug out so I can see some more I think I might try the Linux version tonight...
  9. Disabling vsync did nothing. I cleared the config and nothing really changed other than the resolution becoming tiny. However, in this lower resolution, if I fiddled with the mouse enough, then it actually would eventually come across the small screen, however, it had extremely.....wonky.....sensitivity. Here is a pastebin of the command you recommended me to use: http://pastebin.com/ZMrVvtCm
  10. Hi there, maybe somebody is able to help me. DM just won't start on my computer. I updated the driver for my graphic card, reinstalled DM and tried to solve the problem with RadeonPro (as the log kept on mentioning OpenGL I thought to give it a try). And in the forum I did not find any thread that seems to fit to my problem. Thanks a lot in advance! This is my configuration: Intel Core2 CPU 6600 @2,40Ghz 2,45Ghz, 3 GB RAM WinXP Home Edition installed and using a ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series as graphic card. And this is what the log keeps on telling me, when I try to launch DM. The s
  11. Its safer to change the game screenresolution inside the game, instead of changing this in the config file. So please delete file "darkmod.cfg" in your tdm-folder and run tdm again (to generate the config file with standard values). Check if the mouse problem still exists. if not, set the game screen resolution and play tdm. If the the mouse problem still exists, some user solllutions are Disable vsyncReinsert mouse cableDisable compiz(I searched with https://www.google.com/search?q=doom+3+linux+mouse+lock&oq=doom+3+linux+mouse+lock ) And does the console or log show something? Can we s
  12. Okay, I deleted the game files using Steam, deleted all of the remaining files including dark mod stuff, installed doom3 and now it is freezing without doing anything to it. (oh and the steam version is the latest version...there is no patching and never supposed to be any patching required for steam games - manually anyway) Edit: looked at the steam log, and apparently the game goes to a black screen because it has stopped recieving any new frames....which makes sense as the game halts, monitors blacks out (no display), and then I get a black screen (display).
  13. Realtek High Definition Audio and EAX is and has been off. oh and FYI, the music continues without a problem when it goes to a black screen. Edit: I decided to check the version of room (which is correct), but I noticed where it gave me 12 warnings of being unable to load images related to extinguishable light. Would cause this kind of the issues I'm having? Here are the warnings or at least the 11 that it would show me and yes that period warning is what it gave me: Couldn't Load Image: . Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lamp_shaded Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lantern_oil_han
  14. Nearly looks as though the game is getting processed in segments as if the CPU pipe is congested with something else. Would be nice to have a background task % as Biker asked to help troubleshoot this. @Manio, prior to starting the game, just sitting at your desktop, can you take a screenshot of the task manager and post it? Would be best to sort by clicking the CPU column header prior to taking the screen shot too. Would also be nice to switch Task Manager to "always on top" and get a screen shot with the game running during this issue. Thanks
  15. Did you already try this: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15366-thedarkmodx86-black-screen/
  16. I don't know where the bug lies, but I can confirm it doesn't always happen. I just tried in the test map I made for tracking mission stats. 'Do not kill 2 guards' failed with a red X on my objectives screen when my second fire arrow hit, and when I called up the Objectives page again from the Mission Failed screen, I still had a red X in there, not a tick.
  17. i think i found what caused crashing. I clicked left mouse button when player dying (tilt reddish screen showed up) the game crashed btw, dump file size is about 1.2gb. is there any proper cloud-thing to upload this?
  18. OK... I renamed gamex86.dll in doom3/base, still the same error, so I uninstalled RoE, then Doom3, then deleted the Doom3 folder and reinstalled Doom3 without RoE, set it up and made sure it ran OK, patched it to, and checked again it was still running OK. Next I copied DarkMod from the torrent into the Doom3 folder, and ran the DarkMod launcher. Again it ran first time, I changed the aspect ratio and screen resolution, and restarted. Once again it showed the Doom3 loading screen, then a black screen. This time there was one less warning in the console, with 160 warnings shown.
  19. my 540m is working man , but you know its bridged to intel hd3000 for everything, because standart structure of this type of laptops are like thsi you know. it doesnt matter you are using 540m or intel, the hdmi is on intel hd3000 and internal laptop screen LVDS connection is on hd3000 too. So if hd3000 has a problem it means 540m has a problem here is the file : darkmod.zip.txt
  20. "Quicksave" was prolly translated because the player can see the word on the save/load screen. There are different ways of handling that, though.
  21. I was using Windows 7 64bit, GTX 780ti, latest drivers at the time. Ever since that glitch, I now drop the compass at the equipment buying screen if I can. Might have been a driver issue, but I haven't tested it since.
  22. There's also a problem with OBS that whenever the compass is on the screen, OBS record just that and nothing else. Ruined several recording attempts of a few maps. Fraps works just fine if you have a beefy system and fast HDD to record to, otherwise it will murder your FPS.
  23. There is crackling from the front left speaker which isn't there when EAX is disabled Why this should happen I have no idea First noticed with Down by the Riverside but now there with no FM active - just the opening screen Also checked with Coercion and is also there but is masked by the ambient noise Are there any diagnostics I can try Edit - checked again in Down by the Riverside and it is there in the boat at the start but isn't there in the next section after drinking the potion but as soon as you enter the house (where the lady is sitting) it returns
  24. I tried making a thumb-drive upgrade to 1.08 to 2.00 for a friend this evening and encountered this problem again too. Going to Win 7 compatibility did not help. I was able to start the mod using the following steps: 1) Delete Darkmod.cfg 2) Delete gamex86.dll 3) Double click TheDarkMod.exe 4) Black screen is shown 5) hit Alt + Enter to go into Windows mode Now I had a nice little 640x480 TDM which I could scale to higher resolutions. You can shortcut this process by changing: seta r_fullscreen "1" to seta r_fullscreen "0" in Darkmod.cfg and see if it renders.
  25. Alright so I tried a few things out during the last few days, but I still can't figure out how to make this game run... I got the latest driver and I've tried running it in Win7 compatibility mode, as well as running it as admin. I finally got the game log file by blindly going to the console and typing just what you said, here's the link http://pastie.org/private/khjeat5wvdpqkdwrhtrheq The weird part is that I got the game to run once, it just happened randomly after a restart. I proceeded to change the resolution after which it restarted fine as well. I also changed another graphic setting,
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