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  1. A month later. TDM is still crashing for me. I updated again and at least the type of crash changed. Now the screen cycles through four brands of "black screen" (black, black-grey, black, black-grey) and then the game crashes with the same error message as before (in the above screenshot), except the grey part is only a smaller square in the corner. I'm down because I haven't been able to play lately.
  2. Yes, of course I see it. There is another problem, which bugs TDM since 2.06 maybe. When user saves/loads a game, the screen blinks showing some random things. There is also a long-standing issue 4967 on our roadmap about it, although it probably describes some different effects (but for the same reason). I agree that it is sad. While it does not harm anyone and has low priority, it makes the apparent difference between a polished game and WIP build.
  3. Downloaded the new 2.06 update on laptop. 2.05 worked decently. When starting any FM, the load screen goes for about 5 seconds into progress. When the bar goes a little after the start, the game reverts back to the briefing screen and all sound disappears. If pressing start mission again, it does the same thing, sound still gone. Doesn't matter which FM to try, even training mission. No error message or crashing. No freezing. Tried different settings including performance tweaks in the wiki. What could be wrong? DxDiag_laptop.txt
  4. It looks like it's the heat haze, and not smoke particles, that's showing the problem. Okay on 2.07 hotfix. Black on SVN Hardware is NVIDIA GeForce GTX960. CHecking for latest drivers ...
  5. Sorry, I don't know where to look. Here's a screenshot with your .cfg (minus gamma/brightness) Do particles turn black for you? What is your video card? Are you on the latest driver?
  6. Doom 3 \ TDM's affinity for low color saturation aesthetics or even black and white shader filters... Means that red-cyan glasses would probably work better for us than with other games...
  7. 4. Switch the 'lightning' light to parallel? Now wait a minute Isn't this an ambient light essentially? I mean, does it need shadows, or direction? If it does need direction, it should be parallel. If it does not need both, it can be ambient. Alternatively, we could use the current world size instead of the hardcoded 999999 One more option, the lightning could be implemented via a screen filter, or something
  8. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5068 Sometimes, when going underwater, the shader responsible for blurring the view will shrink the image to roughly 1/4 of the screen (1/2 both horizontally and vertically) and position it in the lower-left corner, while leaving a jumble of textures to display in the background. This only seems to happen on rare occasions; My latest test suggest it occurs if the player has taken any damage and the health bar is showing up on the HUD. I'm running TDM 2.07 x64 on Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed) with the free video drivers (amdgpu).
  9. Thank nbhor1more - I've tried the stuff mentioned in guru3d forums and also spoken with Nvidia about the issue - they've no idea... Ended up fixing the illustrator / photoshop stuff myself while Nahoor was reading the manual... I'll try out the colour depth thing - there's definitely some weird lights that flash up every now and then, in older games. The HDR thing oughtn't be an issue... Getting screen tearing scrolling up and down in browsers or pdfs. Something's definitely weird... Can't figure why stuff is fine in windowed, but not fullscreen. At least black is black, white is white, RGB is RGB, by my eye... Shame about the games. // i think i just made it worse... it's like the light at the end of the tunnel...
  10. I can confirm the 2.06 black screen (with sound) on playonmac (playonmac 42.2.0, Wine 3.18, default wine video settings, vcrun2013) And in that container, 2.05 works fine. Given sollutions in this topic, gives my the same bad results. Do we need install something else beside vcrun2013?
  11. Ok, so I did what freyk suggested and installed the "vcrun2013" component. This time, the game will actually launch - the music starts and when I move the mouse around or hit the buttons it is clear that I am "making contact" - but the thing is, the screen is all black. Any further ideas? Btw, thanks a bunch for the help, I really appreciate it!
  12. I guess that printing to the console and to the top of the screen would be the ideal, as long as there aren't an abundance of missing assets. Otherwise it would need a still obvious, but not as invasive, way to notice the error. Perhaps a frog could croak every time there's some warning, not joking ? That way it would be clear without affecting the game-play. Or just having an easy way to show the console in game...
  13. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4893 I found a very problematic issue in the engine. I'm running TDM 2.06, 64bit executable, Linux version (openSUSE Tumbleweed x64). The issue is as follows: Previously, if a bad script or definition or missing asset error occurred, TDM would crash back to the main menu and the error would appear in the console. It seems this is no longer the case and something worse happens instead: Errors will now cause the process to freeze, shortly followed by a permanent black screen. The reason why this is annoying is because alt-tab switching still doesn't work. To recover the operating system, I need to hit Control + Alt + F1 to go to a different runlevel then use 'top' to find the TDM process followed by a 'kill -9 PID'. Can anyone else confirm this and fix the engine locking up on internal errors?
  14. Hi, This appears to directly affect TDM (or, rather, the "kind of dark mod now"). Win10 pro, v.10.0.15063 Build 15063.726 Nvidia 388.31 (15/11/17 or 11/15/17 for you yanks) - despite this was the same version I already had from October. Win10 updates on this day were KB4849011 and KB4048954 Something about these updates and / or the new Nvidia drivers has seriously up a lot of older games. But made newer games look better... Perhaps in how either DX and/or shader models are being handled. Colour lookup table is not being taken from system - is a "blank canvas". Cannot re-create previous "look" no matter what settings for brightness / gamma / contrast. Also, Nvidia DSR (ie, squeezing 4k resolution down into 1920x1080) now totally screws TDM. Can't even get onto the menu to change the resolution to native. Had to fix resolution down to native via config files. Have noticed issue in several older games, notably Farcry2. Game appears bleached out, unless xml edited to start game in windowed mode and and alt+enter to make full screen, resolution changed back up to native or 3840├Ś2160 for DSR, DX 10. No vibrance. Some contrast can cause black spots, specular and shadow-cast affected. Draw distance for certain things (eg, certain lamps) has changed. Splinter Cell appears to be more vibrant, have higher contrast (very dark shadows and very bright lights). Inside TDM, this has resulted in some very weak shadows with very sharp edges. Can be difficult to discern light/dark areas (esp. for players like me who play without light-gem) Colours are more vivid, that's for certain. Screenshots appear normal - it is only "live" that this occours (like the migraines it induces). Same for all the games. Worse, it's affected colour reproduction in many graphics applications. Either that or my screen is broken and my printer profile has decided to turn 50 shades of darker in the past few days. For some reason it's also thinking I have two wacom tablets attached to the machine, instead of one... Think it's windows more than Nvidia... Icon cache is screwed on desktop - need to f5 to see new files. File explorer windows are resized after exiting affected application / game. Some processes need killing through task manager and refuse to exit... Might nuke the installation - no-one else appears to have noticed it. Checking if anyone else has (win10 insider with nvidia 980ti that used to have perfect colour profile).
  15. Alberto, I think we can introduce a cvar which would control warnings behavior. With possibilities: Print to console and do nothing else (like it does now). Print to console + show a few latest ones on top of the screen even with console closed (this already happens in debug builds, maybe there is even a cvar for it). Print to console + show last few, and produce a beep sound. Raise every warning to error. Errors throw exceptions, efficiently ending the current game session and going to main menu. Given the amount of already released missions, I seriously doubt we would ever have anything except p.1 as default. But we could at least recommend more annoying warning policies to mappers when they are close to finishing their maps.
  16. On a TDM where DbtR isn't already installed ... I only see one version on the in-game download screen, dated Sept 25 2016. When I select "More", it says it's version 3. When I download it in-game, it describes itself as version 3. There's no version number on the load screen. Once I start the mission, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "3""last_play_date" "2016-10-26"} On a TDM where DbtR v1 is already installed, and I've played it, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "1""last_play_date" "2016-10-26"} I only see one version on the in-game download screen, dated Sept 25 2016. When I select "More", it says it's version 3. When I download it in-game, it describes itself as version 3. There's no version number on the load screen. Once I start the mission, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "3""last_play_date" "2016-12-16"} So, on my system, everything's working as expected.
  17. I get a massive slow down in 2.06 if my screen resolution is not set to the native ratio and im using AA and/or vertical sync. Try disabling vertical sync and AA then try out a few screen resolutions in both windowed and fullscreen. See if that helps. Are you on a laptop? GTX1080 should do fine with TDM.
  18. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5055 There seems to be an issue with shadow rendering in the engine: When enabling both Stencil Shadows and Soft Shadows, shadows get incorrectly mapped and are stretched across the screen in front of the camera. I have no issues when using Stencil Shadows without shadow softness, nor when using Map Shadows both with and without soft shadows. I'm running TDM 2.07 x64. My operating system is Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed x64. Kernel 5.2.14. Mesa 19.1.7 (amdgpu module). My video card is an AMD Radeon XFX R9 390. I attached two screenshots from the FM Full Moon Fever: The first shows stencil shadows without softness (normal results) and the second is stencil shadows with softness (corrupt shadows).
  19. I would expect both approaches have roughly similar speed in general, with the exception that stencil shadows are culled to light screen size projection while shadow maps are usually fixed in size. E.g. when player is a room fully lit by a couple lights (Officer Lounge in Fence) stencil light will draw in full screen size twice, while shadow map could draw in 512x512 buffer. But then player is in the street with many small lights stencil could draw each light in a screen region as small as dozens of pixels, while shadow map is still 512x512 (not that there's no way to add LOD's to that as well)
  20. As the title says, I have been trying to get TDM 2.0.7 working on two computers with Windows7 32 bit. Both have older Radeon displays, and the best I can get is a Mission Loading screen that crashes to desktop half-way through. I have tried every tweak mentioned on this forum, to no avail. I can get TDM 2.0 from 2013 working on both machines.
  21. I was finally able to fix my Black Screen problem. I had tried all the solutions listed in this thread but I still wasn't able to get TDM to work without the dreaded Black Screen so I decided to improvise and combine a couple of things that other people had found successful. This is exactly what I did: I renamed my Doom 3 directory to Doom3. Installed the torrent version of TDM and installed the patch. Launched TDM but didn't install the training mission nor any other mission instead I went directly into the "Settings" and changed my video settings. I then quit the game completely and then relaunched TDM and that's when I encountered the Black Screen so I quit the game (Alt+F4). I then went into my darkmod folder and deleted the "gamex86.dll" file and the "doomconfig.cfg" file. Launched TDM again and it worked fine. Note: I'm not sure if renaming my Doom 3 directory to Doom3 really helped but I noticed that someone else had tried this and I noticed that some of the documentation referenced Doom3 not Doom 3. Additionally, I didn't install the training mission or any other mission because on a previous attempt to fix the Black Screen problem I had installed the training mission to initiate the Black Screen and then I ended up having to delete the training mission and any files associated with that mission in order to get TDM to work. I just found it was simpler to initiate the Black Screen by going directly into the "Settings" and making some video changes. I'd hazard a guess that you could fix the Black Screen problem by just going in and deleting the "gamex86.dll" file and the "doomconfig.cfg" file from your darkmod folder but I'm too tired of messing around with this thing to test out that theory. I hope this information is helpful to someone.
  22. Yeah, CTD is "Crash To Desktop"; which is still better than BSD "Blue Screen of Death".
  23. Didn't it used to be that if you failed an objective and the mission ended, that if you brought up the Objectives screen, the failed objective would be marked with a red "X"? Or have I been smoking too much weed? In any case, if the "X" used to be there, it's no longer there in 2.07.
  24. I edited my previous post with the updated log. I can only dump the log when I'm on the first screen after loading the mission. The console won't open when the screen goes black.
  25. Removing TypeInfo removes the compilation error. A source search for r_´╗┐legacyTangents finds nothing, so I can't follow this suggestion. Now, a fresh complete build of the binaries yields binaries that don't even get to the point where they display anything on the screen. A check of running applications shows no TDM. If someone could try a build of the latest binaries and show they create working exes, it would be appreciated. Then I can begin to narrow down what's going on at my end. If no one else can get the SVN binaries to run, then whoever's been making the latest source changes needs to review their work. SVN binaries should always run.
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