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  1. Is the the only difference? The black thumbnail? Try r_fbo 0/1 and restart TDM.
  2. For OpenGL applications maybe there are some more quirks (driver-related / MS specification for OGL drivers-related), for D3D just press WIN button+TAB ! *non-exclusive -> you'll see the active thumbnail *exclusive -> black (blank) thumbnail
  3. So I was following a tutorial on GUIs, and I since discovered that my installation (or TDM itself) seems unable to load both the custom GUIs (when you use the console command "testgui xxxxx.gui"), or the GUI editor that is supposed to come included in DOOM. The first simply fails, saying that the game cant load the gui, and the screen turns black (I´ve tried with a few different ones, even stuff from the startmap pack, and the results are the same), and the editor actually loads up, but when you click "new", nothing happens; when you try to load any gui, it says it cant import it or load it, a
  4. And if you get a black screen, there is a error in your gui-code. And the console will display the number of the codeline.
  5. Looks like scaling ought to be able to fixed using the monitor's setup menu: https://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/james-morris/samsung-cf791-34in-quantum-dot-curved-monitor/3/ Looked at a lot of software config stuff, but said nothing about the hardware setup - and it looks pretty irritating interface for that monitor. 110-degree FOV will mean you get the same view as any 16:9 res, scaled to 21:9, but might stretch prevent the GUIs stretch. Another option is to run the game in a window, clip the border off with borderstripper (http://winborderstrip.sourceforge.net/) and alt+enter it, same as
  6. If you set the resolution you do not have to set the screen ratio, the code will compute it on its own. Dunno if this is the root of your issues, though.
  7. Thanks duzenko. Although that tip didn't directly solve my problems, it did lead me to the right documentation. For anyone having similar issues, what ultimately did the trick for me was going to TheDarkMod.exe>Properties>Compatibility > Change_high_DPI_settings > High_DPI_Scaling_Override where I checking the box for "override high dpi scaling behavior" and selecting "application" from the pull down menu. Prior to this I had also turned off AA in TDM, in favor of forcing AA through the nvidia control panel, and I set r_nvidiaOverride 0 and r_useFBO 0 in the game console. (In cas
  8. I unpacked the contents of the zip file to my darkod directory. The main screen works both ways, r_fullscreen 0 or 1. I have successfullystarted the training mission and it looks like this https://we.tl/t-ME5PVgzRWg Abayo.
  9. Hello! I've been having a host of weird AA/ graphics problems with 2.06. Ill post them here and create bug reports when necessary (sorry if these are redundant in other threads) Windows 10. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. (Latest drivers) TDM 2.06 (Both 32 and 64 bit) Problem 1- AA forces fullscreen - While in windowed mode + (advanced render features off / SS/ Post/ect) - If I click AA on, it forces fullscreen mode even after restart. I have to disable AA and then restart to get back into window mode. Problem 2- AA and my skyboxes -While AA is turned on + (forced fullscreen, advanced render f
  10. Hey! Thanks for the great help! I was able to get it running in windowed mode. There wasn't an existing darkmod.cfg file, so I created one with the seta r_fullscreen "0" command as the only line in the file. This allowed TDM to run successfully in a small window, from which I was able to adjust the video settings to run in a larger window. The game is now playable and runs great even at a 'Very High' LOD. (And, it is a spectacular and very worthy continuation of the Thief series!) Prior to getting TDM running in windowed mode, I did not see a darkmod.log file (that doesn't mean there wa
  11. Don't need the DMAP log. Just open TDM, try to run the mission as normal. When you get to the black screen, then drop down console.
  12. Ok, apparently the problem isn't solved. The mission worked fine on my laptop, when trying again on my desktop, I get the same issue. I have tried reinstalling the Dark Mod with no luck either. When deleting the mission from the fms folder and just loading the mission from console, everything works fine as it should. It is only when I make a .pk4 file and load it via new game that I get the black screen when hitting objectives... When I put that .pk4 mission in my laptop, it worked fine... very confusing...
  13. The OpenGL programmer in me thinks that looks like the underwater effect is supposed to be rendered to an FBO for some post-processing to be applied, but the FBO is not being bound correctly and the render is happening to the screen instead.
  14. I run MSI afterburner and have a gigabyte graphics card. It is a good app for capturing video,screen shots or overclocking and displaying real time data on the screen for the active graphics card/cards and will work with most cards. I have found one weird bug where if I select the compass in TDM the OSD ( on screen display ) moves the OSD type on the screen temporarily as if I changed the display resolution. It does not seem to effect anything really but it's curious and needs to be seen. I tried to take a screen shot and it's not working properly. This is what I end up with but not what is
  15. So I fiddled with this last night and found that I'm not able to properly validate vsync. It seems that my monitor must automatically do some sort of buffering of it's own. I was not able to get screen tearing no matter how much I punished my FPS and turned off all vsync. It's a crappy little LCD TV that also can be used as a monitor and it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 but it's defacto input resolution is 1080p which it auto-downscales so I'm guessing there's all sorts of funky DSP manipulation to the HDMI input I'm sending it. Going by FPS alone, both r_swapInterval 1 and -1 cap FPS a
  16. Yeah, looks like it. The only things that can be done are: r_finish 1 (super slow but forces correct buffer management) Adaptive Sync: Recent GL drivers implement a new WGL/GLX extension called EXT_swap_control_tear. This extension brings "adaptive vsync" as featured in modern gaming consoles to the PC. Adaptive vsync enables v-blank synchronisation when the frame rate is higher than the sync rate, but disables synchronisation when the frame rate drops below the sync rate. Disabling the synchronisation on low frame rates prevents the common problem where the frame rate syncs to a inte
  17. I dont see any this-problemrelated-errors in the log. Could you create another log using full screen? Set r_fullscreen from 0 to 1 in darkmod.cfg Then run tdm with arguments: thedarkmod.exe +condump pbhallamlog2.txt +quit upload the new log To solve this screen problem, i think you have to change the screenresolution(s) of the game to lower settings. But first you have to detect the screenresolution that works. First set a small screensize in darkmod.cfgChange to following values in darkmod.cfg: seta r_customHeight "600" seta r_customWidth "800" seta r_fullscreen "1" If this works
  18. I can't repeat that compass background bug. Please attach your .cfg and if easy a test map or a map name where this plays up. I can see however a compass offset on the screen with r_fboResolution < 0.
  19. Yes. You can go that far. Most folks wouldn't wanna lose bump map altogether but it's an option. If you use regular image_downsize make sure Postprocess is off or the screen will be black.
  20. Goog Evening I just loaded Dark Mod like an hour ago, and got this Problem with the missing Textures or missing dynamic light not shure, and the Smoke being just black squares. And i know there is another thread with about the same Problem, but i have the 2.0 standalone and as far as i understood i dont have to install doom to play this one, so the other thread is not realy helping me either. I tried about every button in my settings and i followed the faq Textures are missing, screen mostly black Look into your darkmod.cfg inside your darkmod folder and check that the following se
  21. according to the inventory script the compass hud model is drawn in its gui window each frame, its probability this that's throwing off the video capture software. would depend on which order the capture software picks up on frame draw order. Although you would think the video capture software would stay on the bigger screen size. Think of all the games that have extra small screen items drawing each frame inside the bigger main screen.
  22. Edit: of course I mean TDM 2.06. Sorry for messing up the thread title. Some code change in TDM 2.06 seems to have caused a few hickups in the internal downloader. Ever since I upgraded to TDM 2.06, the internal downloader no longer automatically removes the missions I just downloaded. And if you download multiple missions/updates, then some missions will even be displayed multiple times on the list of availlable updates. It looks like the list on the screen doesn't get cleared properly: if you downloaded 3 out of 5 entries then the 2 remaining entries will move to the top, but 3 more 'dea
  23. ... and it works!! only TDM 2.06 now runs with a blank screen. * whoops put it in the old tdm 2.05 directory. Works fine in the right directory. Thanks heaps for the help
  24. SVN uses "Soft Gamma" http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19239-soft-r-gamma/ which means that it no longer directly controls the monitor. This is meant to fix the longstanding issue of exiting TDM causing the Desktop to have the wrong Gamma (etc) and other Windows 10 gamma control problems. The unfortunate side effect of the changes is that if you previously had in-game settings cranked down to compensate for your Desktop settings then you'll have an overly dark screen. We'll probably need to issue a warning about this change.
  25. I'm having the same problem for a much more frivolous reason. I have a 3840x2160 (4K) monitor, and really enjoy the extra resolution for day-to-day usage and gaming when possible. However, I usually prioritize maintaining a solid 60 Hz frame rate, and enjoying a game's best graphical flourishes (in that order), over squeezing a pixel-perfect rendering out of my hardware. TDM 2.06 has actually proved to be really fantastic in that respect. The game for the most part looks and runs great in 4K. The only problem factor is the Soft Shadows. My GTX970 can't quite hold 60 fps in 4K with them turned
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