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FM: Awaiting the Storm by HappyCheeze (2010/05/22)


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I know that v1.05 is right around the corner but, again, if you don't want to wait till then to play those missions I have posted versions that play in 1.04.



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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Hi guys,

i finished this mission recently.

Short, but funny. ( the first FM of TDM i've played) :D


I'm the one that is translating the Dark mod in italian, so i decided to translate also a FM, and i choose Awaiting the storm. B)


So, the translation of this mission is almost over. I think in this week, i finish it. ;)

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Talk about short, it was nice, visually appealing but there could have been more to do or read. Anything to add some kind of replay value. If this is a first mission it was done very well I think, I had some time to get that dam guard out of the room. In any event there is something that every thief mission can do to make me excited.

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I liked this mission. Very short (only took me 19 minutes on the highest difficulty) but it gets everything right. The mapping is decent and the atmosphere is good. I concur with TheUnbeholden, it would have been nice to have more supplementary material and maybe have some optional or hidden objectives, but for what it's worth I think this is an enjoyable FM.

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Another nice little mission. I especially liked the flooded tunnel and the outdoors section leading up to the inn.

Finished with a stealth score of 2, zero KOs, and all the treasure except for the purse on the torch guy's belt. There doesn't seem to be anywhere on his patrol route you can plausibly get it off him.

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