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Fan Mission: The Glenham Tower by Sotha (2010/07/17)


The Glenham Tower by Sotha (2010/07/17) Summer FM Vertical Contest Entry  

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  1. 1. 1. Gameplay: Enjoyment. Fun duration. Smooth flow, ect. Versus Bugs. Frustration, Boredom, framelag

  2. 2. 2. Appearance: Vertical use, Visual pleasure, lighting, visual style, deduct bad texturing etc.

  3. 3. 3. Story & Text: Story. Text. Briefing. Graphic storytelling

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The Glenham Tower is a small/medium sized map in which aspiring thief Thomas Porter sets out retrieve an old book from a derelict tower. Mission was created by me, Sotha and I wish to thank Melan, Fidcal and Bikerdude for playtesting.


After I busted Lark Butternose out of the Old Town Jail (please see mission: The Beleaguered Fence) I hid and waited for Lark to regain consciousness. When he learned how he got out he was quite happy to offer me a significant portion of his share to our loot. After that our business was concluded and we went our separate ways.


I heard Captain Godfrey Knighton was not at all pleased with the events at the Jail and was still looking for the people who robbed him blind. I decided to disappear and move north to a town called Braeden until things calm down in The City.


After looking for work via the usual channels, I was approached by a bookstore owner named Victor De Grenefeld. He offered me a simple and entirely legal task of retrieving a rare old book from a derelict tower.


The Glenham Tower was originally built by a wealthy family to provide a safe and secluded place to reside in the misty Glenham Moor. The family was disgraced by some kind of scandal and the Tower was later bought by a hermit scholar named Lord Morley who moved in with a single servant. Lord Morley, I learned, was doing some kind of research for the Builders.


Some years ago the inhabitants of the tower simply stopped visiting Braeden anymore to buy supplies and food. The tower was found abandoned and sealed. The original residents, in fear of robbers, had installed an indestructible portcullis which was now closed and there was no way to enter the tower. Many have tried to force their way inside, but the portcullis is impenetrable. The windows are also made of this material.


De Grenefeld told me that an skillful acrobat like me could easily climb the exterior of the tower to the top and gain entrance that way. He would pay a nice sum for a rare old book called 'De Vermis Mysteriis,' which he knows is somewhere inside the tower. I could keep all the other goods I find.


The most dangerous thing would be the Tower itself: De Grenefeld told me that the tower is old and structurally unsafe, but I shouldn't worry if I'm careful enough to watch my step. The task sounded simple enough and the pay is extremely good so I agreed to De Grenefeld's offer.


I need to buy some rope arrows and travel to the Glenham Moor. It is nice to do something legal for a change.



Use the ingame downloader to get it.

WARNING! There are VISIBLE spoilers in this thread. I do not recommend reading any further until you've played the mission.

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-The mapper's best friend.

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 Invalid or Deleted File   The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire. 

<br><br> mirrors ?<br><br>Edit: this error occured when cliking link in firefox. However, in Chrome it works. Downloading :-)<br>

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Got it. I hate those sites. On the left is a huge DOWNLOAD button, which takes you to the limewire dl.


But in a box with an add is the 'download file' type in really small letters. (well, it seems to change some too on differentclicks. I don't know, it's early lol)

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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@ id3839315:


Man! don't spoil the picture :( I didn't want to see this before playing :(


EDIT: My gameplay experience


(read only if you played the mission!







first of all, the tower seemed a bit boring,.. you could set the player 10 meter before the tower, so you wouldn't see it at first


When I got up, there was a cool climbing effect (stone fall down ;)


And when I was in it seemed a lot better than on the outside.. but then, the explosion... MAN this is great, it really frightened me!!!


The way down was super cool! I killed almost all the zombies ;)


But unfortunately I didn't read the letter of the secret door, so in the last part I had a lot of troubles without the weapons and the knowledge what to do with the spere..


The story was very clear (me english is not the best) I could understand everything, and the story itself was very cool!! ;)


MY opinion:


very good mission of TDM, maybe the second best for me!! Very few cool physik effects! There could be more of them in other missions. Some more sidequests or secrets would be cool, or another side story, but thats not necessary


And also one important thing for me: The (background)music - everywhere was a good music!!

You got nearly the best evaluation from me!





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Many thanks, Fidcal, for your trouble.


I've added the mirror links to the main post.


Now I get to simply lean back and see how the map is received by the community.


Enjoy, everyone! I'm also itching to see other entries for the contest. :D


-The mapper's best friend.

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Hi, just started the misson but im having technical issues - whenever i quicksave (or do a named save) after i load it the game will suffer an abrupt fall in FPS, and it woudl also freeze/crash often. Things that have made me think this is in fact some kind of glitch is that, among others, rope arrows become unusable to me after i deploy them- and i have been able to "knock" those rafter-like pieces of wood sticking out of the tower with an arrow (is this how it was meant to be?lol) =/ Wonder if im the only one?

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Had a taffing good time with this cool.gif and must say that the bar is set high for this contest from the get go ohmy.gif

NICE JOB Sotha smile.gif


But my god I hate undead

, so mutch so that I all most dit´n play this gem wacko.gif


EDIT: no technical issues for me on this one!

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Works, quicksave and load fine, rope arrows fine. TDM 1.02.



The sound means that the switch failed to activate, it must be old.

more direct

it works from the other side :mellow:




ahhhh ^^ I didn't understand it that the switch is broken.. I thought it was hidden so is is a secret and something should open



yeah, rope arrows and reload works for me too!




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Very well done. Nice story, creepy, nice loot placement. Excellent mission.



Thanks for the healing potions...I was stumbling around like Inspector Cleseau.




--- Author of:


Tomb of Horrors (coming January 2011)

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A very good mission. It was a lot bigger than I thought at first.




Climing the tower was fun, especially due to the loose stones.

I completed all the objectives, exept the optional one. I thought I could climb the tower again, but the door was unfrobable when I got there.

So I just left the orb on the ground for anyone to pick up. Can't possible see what harm that could do laugh.gif



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A very good mission. It was a lot bigger than I thought at first.




Climing the tower was fun, especially due to the loose stones.

I completed all the objectives, exept the optional one. I thought I could climb the tower again, but the door was unfrobable when I got there.

So I just left the orb on the ground for anyone to pick up. Can't possible see what harm that could do






the room above the attic collapsed, so the door is not cannot be opened. No harm in a sphere lying around..


Except the fulfillment of certain evil plans.. ;)



-The mapper's best friend.

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Very nice mission so far sotha :D like the challenge of getting in :) And you can kill the undead? at least I've chopped him with the sword and he's staying down? oh well, i can't complain, I HATE zombies :D ... that don't die unless you have to do it the difficult way :/


EDIT: Ok, I finished it...


A few problems I'd like to point out:



The stone was very difficult to grab, obviously i had to run in, grab it and run away, but it became very difficult to do so. I tried many things and finally (and i reckon this was kinda clever :) ) I realised that I could lead them all up the ramp and to the ladder where i could climb up, sneak back in the other way, lock shut the door from behind them, take about 5 minutes trying to get the stone, thinking that maybe I had to just hit it on the spot and still thinking that when I was getting hurt sounds from it. I realised what i had to do with it ---



The following continues the problem but points out how to destroy the sphere thing :

I thought it was cool how you could drop the thing in the acid, but by the time I'd realised that this was the only option available, I'd had tried a few things and gotten bad temped :/




Another thing that bugged me is before I realised I could trap them, I tried killing the heretics, (kinda dumb I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to do. and would have gotten away with it if they weren't able to slice me behind their comrades (which needs to be changed!) And it would have made sense if they circled around each other to give each other room and avoid being hit, but they got hit anyway while i got mangled by 3-4 heretics at once :( (not that it's your fault, dw THAT particular thing won't effect how i score you)




Another thing that would have made the mission cooler is if the fire kept spreading all the way down to the ground so that you had to get out quickly, it also would have given you the sense that the heretics were going to get crushed under the burning debris.



Apart from that, the mission was very cool :) All the interior and dungeon and everything looked good, kinda reminded me of an oblivion dungeon :D Good luck in the competition.

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Very nice contest entry. Loved the ramshackle elements of the design !






Ascending is easy if you have a floating beam :rolleyes:




I just wanted to let you know that I experienced a heavy FPS drop at the location

shown below. In general I had great fps, but looking at the fire this way lets my FPS

drop from ~35 fps to 7-9 fps. Seemed quite weird to me !





Edited by Chiron
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