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Fan mission: House of Theo


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That sunset is like watching myself in the mirror, how could one not look and be hypnotized. Ahhhhh Oh yes thieving I was just getting to that. The castle looks like a castle which is a big plus in my book :)

Its weird that there wasn't a throne room or big banquet hall. Ah I must be stuck on other castley FM's.



+Enchanting ambience, although a tad to loud for me as a ussually play with loud sound to simulate my superior hearing

+Fairly long

+Story is straight forward, clear goal, with a little moral tinge to extra readables you find.

+A bit extra loot for those who like to scour the place


-Backdoor key... didn't need it.

-No murder allowed

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Just finished this mission on difficult.


Things I liked:

+Gorgeous view of the castle from outside.

+Awesome and unusual setting.

+It felt like I was playing Thief: The Dark Project. :)

+ Excellent use of light and shadow.

+Readables are nice.

+Ambient music is good.

+Nice interiors.

+The use of rope arrow.

+Very few water arrows make things more challenging!

+Good amount of guards and non hostile NPCs.

+Quantity of loot necessary to complete the objective on Expert is good.


Things I disliked:

-I started without a sword, and even though there was some lying around, I couldn't pick them.

-The default ambient music volume is too high.


Some bugs:

-I found two barrels with some objects above them, and when I picked that objects and drop them on the top of the barrel, they passed through it.

-http://img689.images...9/9817/qbr4.jpg :This guard entered in a loop trying to climb the stairs, getting back, and doing it over and over.




This mission was very fun to play.

Nice job Theothesnopp and thank you!

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Just replaying some of the older missions and noticed

the key is still unfrobable in the drawer. I tried noclip, leaning, every which way and couldn't pick it up. It wasn't a problem for me as there's the other way in & out of the room so this is just an observation.


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Congrats on your release thehtesnoop.


Will play it in the near future hope fully, Time permitting.


Hay. I thought I had played this before some time in 2011 perhaps.

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Just replaying some of the older missions and noticed

the key is still unfrobable in the drawer. I tried noclip, leaning, every which way and couldn't pick it up. It wasn't a problem for me as there's the other way in & out of the room so this is just an observation.


I had that too, when I played it not that long ago.



I just used noclip everytime to circumvent the door it should unlock, but that needed knowledge which door that key unlocks (read it here)



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This is a really pretty level. The first time I tried to play it I got turned off by the deafening ambient and gave up, but I'm glad I gave it another shot. Because it gave me some really strong Thief 2 vibes, which I always like.

Figuring out the objectives was tricky but not unfair.

Many of the puzzles involving guards were just pure, old-school sneaking so that's another big thumbs up!




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On 7/2/2022 at 2:09 AM, Acolytesix said:

So did that key in the drawer ever get fixed?

Nope. It's a typical bug in more missions I think. You can close the drawer and open it again and then you can frob it.

Anyway, I found it a mission in need for a graphical update. Poor textures (also almost no variation), noshadows almost everywhere, light leaking through walls in lots of places and it is utterly empty. There's also this door that you can walk through.

The castle surroundings are pretty though.

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Yep the mission is pretty old and has some glitchy flaws, not much of a storyline, and empty furniture-less rooms, so it's not going to have depth and look and feel like recent ones, but the vertical-ness and snowy scenery is what makes it great. You rope up the castle to top balconies and you get a great view on a majestic scale. That's what makes it a memorable mission for me.


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