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These videos were recorded around June 2011, and linked to the private "novice campaign" forum. Now they are available for everybody! Mostly covers basic brush-work and getting around some of the more common tools in Dark Radiant in the format of building a 12 sided tower.





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Woah, this is awesome, will definetly go through these, there's always something you can learn. We are lacking Dark Radiant tutorials for sure... Everything I learned about spawnargs, triggers and other basic functionalities, was from Doom tutorials, which are scattered, and 50% of the info didnt apply directly to TDM anyway. We are in need of tutorials on many things like triggers (specially), useful spawnargs and their effects on AI or entities, controlling the complexity of patrols (Im looking at you Sotha! :) ), basic engine effects like teleporting, light usage, moving stuff around, and the like... As well as interesting construction such as this one - I know some of these topics are documented in the wiki, but a lot of the times its as much about inspiring the imagination with interesting examples (like the tower here), not just stating how to get something done.

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ungoliant: Get use to it :). Seriuosly, you're doing a very important job: a textual "how to" is a good thing (and I'm grateful to everybody who have made it), but a video "how to" is much more better for newbies. Therefore, the more newbies will be involved into DarkRadiant, the more chances that somebody of them will release a TDM FM, popularizing TDM itself.

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That was a really weird way to create the roof and with the cap like that! I would have used a quite different approach, but that's honestly just me.


The important thing is that there are many different approaches that will work, and anyone following your videos to learn will indeed learn the commands and how to manipulate brushes a lot and they will get a lot of ideas of the possibilities of what can be done.


You're absolutely right that videos is where it's at. My free time hit something around zero a couple years back or I would have made many more training vids after my first couple. If you can carry that torch, the community will be that much better off!

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thanks for the positive feedback, guys. This is indeed something I might consider doing more of. About the weird roof method, i've come up with 3-4 different ways of roofing, and this is the only one that yields 100% positive and accurate results every time. Utilizing other methods, sometimes I run into the concave brush problem while moving verts, or the interior roof verts won't line up with the interior corners of the tower properly, or the lip overhanging the edge wont come together proper, or the brushes get too thin towards the apex. If anyone has another easy method, I'm always willing to learn new techniques myself :D

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Well one thing I did note was that when you chopped the top off the roof you could've func_staticed it and kept the point, then sealed under but ...


pulling the verts up from the center was actually a great idea. It's not that strange, I do it all the time in 3d, but there's often a disconnect from what you can do in 3d and an editor, so sometimes things like that just don't even register, lol.

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It's on Youtube. Can I presume that your country filters that site?


I would send a message to Ungoliant requesting a download link (presuming this

is not also filtered)...

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I used this tutorial when first posted. It worked great and helped me a lot. I was working on a map at the time which included such towers and I had been trying to deal with using patch cylinders for walls... but then ran into the problem of putting in functional doors and windows.

This helped me build a better tower and I used patch bevels to round off the walls instead.

System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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