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This player winds up rage-quitting one of my favorite wads! The visuals are simple and strictly 1990s (because that's when it was made), but the gameplay is varied, fun with the occasional nasty surprise thrown in (like teleporting you right into the middle of a room full of monsters), and it has a kick-ass soundtrack.


That part with the Cyberdemon at the end of the video is especially tough. You have two choices, fight him down below, suicide because there's no cover (never succeeded at that one myself, or weave in and out in front of the window up top and take pot-shots at him whilst trying not to get pasted by his rockets. This is Doom, after all, so move, move, move! Running away is not an option, because he blocks the teleporter to exit the level, and even if his rockets don't get you while you're navigating the glorified tightrope that leads to the teleporter, he's not likely to let you in.

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    • freyk

      Some years earlier i created some launchers for TDM. uploaded today some new sourcecode and executables on my github repo.
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    • Epifire

      Say, I know it's been a while since the site got overhauled from the crash. But did we ever figure out if/how to get the recent topics & replies list back? It's not a total deal breaker but it was nice for becoming a thread creeper again...

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    • Epifire

      Some of you who've been on the TDM discord know I was out of work last Winter, just putting in hrs for the developer portfolio. Currently I've been working a seasonal job to pay the bills and now I'm finally in my last week before I get bumped off. Things will be tight but I'm planning a long off period to make as much content as I can. Big plans in Unreal Engine as well as my most ambitious TDM collab yet! Never been so excited to be a stuck at home to pursue my life's work. With a lotta time and maybe some luck, I'm hoping to get enough art work done that I may start applying around to studios.
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    • STiFU

      I finally got around to play Prey and I truly loved it. It is an incredible homage to System Shock and Deus Ex. While the gameplay is not en par with those two titles, the game makes up for that with its well written lore and story. The whole "world" just feells so authentic and it features a ton of really god environmental story-telling. Recommended for every immersive sim fan, i.e., everyone on this forum.
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    • jaxa

      Alder Lake has arrived:
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