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Request: Decapitated Versions of AI Heads

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a.k.a. boy, I'm glad I can type a topic title this crazy


Jokes aside, I'm requesting a set of decapitated heads and corresponding AI neck attachments for one of my missions. It may not be done for a while, but I've decided to ask well in advance because I know models requests take time. Arcturus would be the person to ask since, I believe, he's responsible for the AI models, but I'm posting it in the public forum to be safe. You could help too!


The assets would be used for horror missions and for that extra touch in dungeon locales with guillotines (or you can put them on a platter for a noble to eat, Indiana Jones style, sure, go crazy). Ideally, it would be one or two ai_head attachments to attach to actual AI. That would be a bit of the neck and the... stump, shall we say. Then, there'd also need to be several head gibs akin to the zombie_head.ase model. I say "one or two" since I don't know if a version for female heads would be too much work, what with the neckline on some of the noble models.


More generally speaking, our gore and horror assets are a bit lacking, but I should hopefully, at some point in the future, get around to create some stuff like better materials for pools of blood, more blood decals or bits of viscera.

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I had to make a custom decapitated head for a previous version of Siegeshop. I don't remember all I needed to do, but I did load a head model and attach some custom patches to make it look like a gory neck end. I then placed a ragdoll on the floor with its head attachment modified to connect to either spine or waist (??)... anyway, the ragdoll ended up with its head hidden within the body, allowing me to attach gore patches to the neck. I then put both models on either side of the chopping block and added splatter patches to the chopping block, axe head, and the floor.... plus a swarm of flies over the mess.

In more recent versions, the severed head was replaced with a tied sack model with splatter patches applied to it. The neck on the head model was a bit too long and it looked a bit weird.

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If you don't find anything, I could help you with this after I get cauldron finished. Also, I made a bunch of 32x32 and 48x48 static plane meshes with all of the blood decals as skins. I'm not sure if they're even used, but they're included in the cauldron fm. There's also a couple new pools of blood/ river of blood textures and associated particle effects.

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As a "while you're at it" forgive me for assuming too much but considering the context of TDM, impaled heads/bodies would also be very appropriate for any future use.

But I'm sure it means twice or thrice the effort, though the blood decal could be the same technically.

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Is it possible to do a ragdoll pose as in the Algerian Hook torture? Would look great in a dungeon scene, If you're not familiar

with it, it's a hook through the mid torso and the poor victim is hunt face up. Gruesome, but would add realism for a dungeon scene.

Come to think of it, some of the implements of the inquisition might be useful too.

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Yes like Destined said you can pose ragdolls, but is only complicated if you want to stick the ragdoll to something or you don't use the AF editor (articulated figure editor) and use the ingame (mouse drag) interaction system instead, with the AF editor you can easily attach a joint to the world, this pretty much makes the ragdoll be stuck in mid air by that joint, is how i made flags before, the editor is not user friendly tho and very crash prone, so save often.

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