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Fan Mission: Shadows of Northdale ACT II - Down The Rabbit Hole by Goldwell (2019/03/20)


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On 8/23/2021 at 1:32 PM, TDM Enjoyer said:

I made an account because I want @Goldwell to know how much I enjoyed the first 2 acts of the series. Everything from the presentation, level design and gags are top notch and I loved every moment of these missions. I am very much looking forward to Act 3! Hopefully it's coming soon! I'll be downloading your older missions as well. Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for the kind words!


Both Act 3 and Act 4 are quite far along in development and under the current schedule will be released very close together. As for when they drop well it's hard to say as everytime I give out ETA dates I always tend to miss them! :)

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