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We have lost a member of the TDM development team


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I just found out about the news and i created an account just to pay my respects to Grayman.

I'd only started playing Dark Mod March last year when i happened to watch gmanlives' youtube video on his Dark Mod review. I'm a long time Thief fan and as soon as i heard about this game, i immediate jump into dark mod page and downloaded the game. Since, I'm been playing Dark Mod missions chronologically and also been following the forum, read pages after pages for fun and tips and getting to know the community, although i never bother to create an account until now.

I'd only stumbled upon this news just when i was reading about the new mission release Noble Affairs by Goldwell and it mentioned that the mission was dedicated to Grayman and i was like huh? (i'm currently playing Cole Hurst 1 mission up to this point). So i felt it's really time for me to create an account to say a few words to Grayman.

His Mother Rose mission was the scariest mission i've played i think in any Thief game, even surpassing the scare factor of Shalebridge in my experience so far. Grayman is a genius to be able to pull that off! His William Steele series is definitely one of the memorable campaign missions i've played last year. Besides his tribute mission Sir Taffsalot's Sword, he also did paid a small tribute to Sir Taffsalot too in William Steele part 4 if anybody notices. That was a very sad moment for me as then i'd only learnt of Sir Taffsalot/Gary's passing; from that mission.(I played William Steele 4 before i played Sword)

And now Grayman 😭 From the many of his older correspondence I read in the forum, i can feel that he is very compassionate and humble man.

I may be too late to pay my respects to him in this forum, but i shall pay my respects nevertheless. Grayman, you will be missed 😢

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Damn, this fucking sucks...

I think the William Steele series were the second of the series fan missions I ever played, they were all great, totally worth to play to see the amazing stuff authors can make with The Dark Mod. Also the second time I've seen a Hammerite Church that was that big.

It's gonna be very shitty with him gone, may he at least rest in peace, old taffer.

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It’s never too late to pay respects!

To say this community wouldn’t be what it is, or won’t be the same without him, is truly an understatement.

He’s helped so many newb mappers like myself over the years and inspired so many. 
I barely talked to him besides a few mapping questions, but always wanted to reach out and have a cup of coffee or a pint. I live less than a 20 minute drive from him and frequently travel there for life and work anyway but never got around to it :( Got busy with starting a family and new business and the pandemic. Not gonna lie it chokes me up a bit every time I boot up TDM. Thief has always been in my top 5 favorite games, and his contributions to the mod made him seem legendary to me. I just wanted to thank him in person for helping to inspire me to make a map for my favorite mod of all time. Just never got around to hitting him up and saying “hey let’s get together for a drink and some nerdy game chat!” Such is life sometimes, but publishing a map was a dream I’ve had for over a decade, I lurked around for a long time before registering and started work on a map, so I want to say thanks here for indirectly helping me fulfill a dream, grayman.

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As my father used to say, "A grenade a day, keeps the enemy at bay!"

My one FM so far: Paying the Bills: 0 - Moving Day

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