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How can I create an account on the TDM wiki?


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I want to help out with the content there in general. Writing articles, linking, categorizing, etc. I am familiar with the wiki type (Mediawiki).

There is no article "lightgem", so creating that article is at the top of my list.


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There is no dedicated article for it, but, it's covered in quite a lot of articles, including the "The Dark Mod Gameplay" article, which is surely one of the starting points for new players: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?search=lightgem&title=Special%3ASearch&profile=default&fulltext=1

It's also pretty straight forward anyway?

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Most things are straightforward once you know how it works. 🙂

Yes, I also noticed that the lightgem is mentioned in other articles. Sure, the article "The Dark Mod Gameplay" gives a brief description, but that article is the 5th hit when searching for "lightgem", and it is not exhaustive. Being such a central object to the gameplay, a dedicated article seems warranted. One other article already links to "lightgem": https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Special:WhatLinksHere/Lightgem
If there was (unexpected) solid opposition to a dedicated article, I'd create a redirect to the relevant section in "The Dark Mod Gameplay" to help wiki readers find it faster.

But the topic was not a request for an article about the lightgem (or any other request for a single change), it was a request for an account on the wiki so I can help out with documentation.

Who/where can I ask for an account?

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10 minutes ago, Fiver said:

If there was (unexpected) solid opposition to a dedicated article, I'd create a redirect to the relevant section in "The Dark Mod Gameplay" to help wiki readers find it faster.

No "opposition", I just wonder what you think needs explaining elaborately so that it warrants a dedicated article for it. ;) It's basically a visibility meter.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice that you want to help, but, a wiki which is cluttered with articles of the most basic things which are already covered in other articles is maybe not the best idea either. Just my opinion.

Edited by chakkman
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Most inventory objects have their own article (see category https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Category:Equipment), but the topic is how to apply for a wiki account. I wasn't able to immediately find that information on the wiki either, so once I find out how I would add that information too.

I think its nice that I want to help too. A wiki account would help me help. 🙂

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We used to have a more open policy about wiki access but got burned by spammers who acted in bad faith.

If you have a wiki idea, please post a document and other members with wiki access can vet it and add it.

Once you have proven your long-term viability, you will likely gain access to self-edit.

Nothing guarantees that a spammer isn't "playing the long game" and waiting for such access but it increases the barrier of entry and makes the endeavor less enticing.

I refrained from commenting on this thread because I do not have privileges to add users to the wiki and therefore generally do not feel comfortable speaking on behalf of those who do have such privileges.

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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My first draft for a wiki article "Lightgem" would look like this:
[[File:Hud.jpg|right|thumb|The lightgem is shown as part of the [[The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay#HUD_(Heads-Up_Display)|HUD]]:<br/>2. A breath indicator when underwater<br/>3. The lightgem itself<br/>4. A health indicator.<br/>Two wings flank the lightgem indicating if the player is crouching.]]

The '''lightgem''' is a light indigator on the [[The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay#HUD_(Heads-Up_Display)|HUD]] and an important part of [[The Dark Mod Gameplay]].

The lightgem itself indicates how visible the player is. The visibility is based on how much light is hitting the player, but also depends on whether you are crouched, moving, have a weapon drawn, or being under water.

The wings on either side of the gem indicates when the player is crouching.

Below the lightgem is a health indicator. When the player is injured, a small red bar appears below the lightgem. The bar shows how much health you have left and decreases from right to left. Health potions and various types of food will replenish health. The bar remains visible until the health is fully restored.

Above the lightgem is a breath indicator. When the player is under water, a small blue bar appears above the lightgem. The bar shows how much air you have left and decreases from right to left. When the bar runs out, you'll begin to take damage. Surfacing or using a Breath Potion will restore your air bar.

The lightgem is an object that the player always carries and is not visible in the [[inventory]].

A user can disable the lightgem and the wings in Settings - Gameplay - General - Hide Lightgem. The health indicator and breath indicator will remain visible.

(With the caveat that I would need to use the preview-functionality to fix any formatting errors I may have made before publishing it.)

I would also
* link "BREATH INDICATOR", "LIGHTGEM", and "HEALTH INDICATOR" from "The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay#HUD_(Heads-Up_Display)" to the new article "Lightgem".
* create "health indicator" redirecting to "lightgem" ("#redirect[[lightgem]]")
* create "breath indicator" redirecting to "lightgem"

I registered on The Dark Mod Bugtracker on 29 December and I have since reported 68 issues from a personal log of issues that I had assembled during hours of testing TDM 2.11. The reports are not perfect, but I think they show my intentions are good.

I understand the reluctance, especially if there have been incidents of spammers on the wiki, but as an open source project relying on volunteer work it is also important to keep a low threshold for contributing to the product. If I'm not up to par, you'll discover it quickly. Or, rather, you would have already discovered it in the Bugtracker. 🙂

Edited by Fiver
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I created the page:


In the source I placed the following text:


Page text made by forum user Fiver: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/22327-how-can-i-create-an-account-on-the-tdm-wiki/&do=findComment&comment=491145 



Personally I think the page isn't really necessary because the info is already present under HUD.

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Would someone mind fixing my spelling mistake from "indigator" to "indicator"? And add a sentence "Use of the lightgem can be practiced in the [[Training Mission (OM)|Training Mission]], primarily in the room Stealth & Shadows."? Perhaps also add a row about the lightgem in article "Equipment_(player_character)#Tools" and link to "lightgem"?

As a new player I think I would appreciate that the new article covers details not covered in "The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay#HUD_(Heads-Up_Display)"

Another new article "Bow" could be:
[[File:Nocking and aiming a broadhead arrow.png|right|thumb|Picking up, nocking, drawing, and aiming a [[Broadhead Arrows|broadhead arrow]]. The image in the lower right shows the zoom-in-view.]]
[[File:Arrows.jpg|right|thumb|A selection of some of the [[Arrows|arrows]] the player can choose from:<br/>1. [[Fire Arrows]]<br/>2. [[Gas Arrows]]<br/>3. [[Noisemaker Arrows]]<br/>4. [[Rope Arrows]]<br/>5. [[Vine Arrows]]<br/>6. [[Water Arrows]]]]

The '''bow''' is a long-range [[The_Dark_Mod_Gameplay#Weapons|weapon]] used for shooting various kinds of [[arrows]] to harm, distract, or confuse enemies.

A few seconds after the player draws an arrow, the camera will zoom in, showing a more detailed view of the target. If the arrow is not released, the player avatar will start getting tired and wobble the arrow, eventually lowering the bow without shooting.

The bow and quiver are objects that the player always carries and they are not visible in the [[inventory]]. Only the arrows are visible there.

Use of the bow and arrows can be practiced in the [[Training Mission (OM)|Training Mission]], primarily in the room Archery.

(Again, with the caveat to use the preview-functionality to fix any formatting errors.)

I would also link "Bow" from "Equipment_(player_character)#Ranged_weapons" to the new article "Bow".

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