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Status Updates posted by jaxa

  1. Behold, the brand new RTX 2060!

    NVIDIA ponders GeForce RTX 2060 re-release with 12 GB VRAM to paper over RTX 30 scarcity

  2. AMD at Computex:

    (discuss in CPU/GPU news thread)
  3. I'm holding out for TDM 3.11 for Workgroups

    1. duzenko


      You mean "for gangs?"

    2. snobel


      Cooperative multiplayer?

  4. Would the skyglow amplification caused by falling/fallen snow be a visual factor in TDM missions (or cities from hundreds of years ago)? Or is it only noticeable with today's modern lighting?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AluminumHaste


      Skyglow is caused by modern lights yes.

    3. STiFU


      The only questions you should ask yourself is: Does it look better with or without skyglow? :-)

    4. chakkman


      In a fantasy setting, i guess it could always be caused by magic. :)

  5. AMD's CES Keynote live:

  6. Beyond Skyrim:

    1. chakkman


      I wished one of those dozens of projects would be finished at some point.

    2. STiFU


      That brings back memories. Not sure though, whether the water is actually better than in morrowind... ;-)

    1. nbohr1more


      Very cool! *upvote button click*

    2. jaxa


      Keep an eye on that channel. They have a lot more cool AI/graphics related stuff, some of which could be relevant to TDM.

    3. Bikerdude


      This is extremely cool.

  7. I saw the trailer for Robin Hood (2018) and thought it was the Thief movie for a second...

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    2. Anderson


      Also a valid point of view. Unfortunately very few games and game companies try to overcome this dichotomy.

    3. stumpy


      i always thought it was worse for console owners, not only have they got to pay for games and dlc's but they also have to pay a monthly subscription to play and get access to the dlc's they've already paid for.

    4. Anderson
  8. Space ambient gone TDM:

    1. Tarhiel


      You mean they used those crickets from TDM?

    2. jaxa
  9. 2018: The Dark Times

    1. Anderson


      Let it Be - The Beatles

  10. On the team page, Dram's link is a parked domain. You could change it to a new site, archive.org link, or just remove it.

    1. Goldwell


      I just checked archive.org and unfortunately the last working version of his site required a flash plugin and wouldn't display correctly.


      So I have removed the link for now, if anyone has a new website link for Dram or an archive link that works please PM me and I will update it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. jaxa


      Wouldn't a snap to grid option take care of some of the shakiness inherent in VR control?


      And it could be pretty precise if your hand movements are recorded... pretty precisely.

    3. Sotha


      ...And I read it initially that "Google blocks (as in "bans") 3D modelers," and thought what the hell, and then got curious how will they do that. XD

    4. peter_spy
    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. stumpy


      i guess the platform will be flooded with asset flippers.

    3. stumpy


      Be like a large dark hole to useless content. Like opening a plug somewhere and having all the useless stuff get sucked in.

    4. peter_spy


      So basically Steam Greenlight for mods :)

  11. Is Bikerdude a myth?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Bikerdude
    3. grayman


      My grandmother would sit me on her knee and tell me tales ...

    4. Bikerdude


      :-D - erm, why dosen't the favicon html codes work in here..?

    1. SeriousToni


      What? The mysterious saviour is back to make our Thief lives happier again after such a long absence? I can't believe it's true! Wow thanks so much!

    2. demagogue


      He's like our own Game of Thones mystery crow that leads us to secret treasures.

    3. SeriousToni


      Or to an old tree with lots of zombies around.. xD

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