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  1. Alright so I tried a few things out during the last few days, but I still can't figure out how to make this game run... I got the latest driver and I've tried running it in Win7 compatibility mode, as well as running it as admin. I finally got the game log file by blindly going to the console and typing just what you said, here's the link http://pastie.org/private/khjeat5wvdpqkdwrhtrheq The weird part is that I got the game to run once, it just happened randomly after a restart. I proceeded to change the resolution after which it restarted fine as well. I also changed another graphic setting,
  2. Hey i tried going into the console, but nothing changed the screen was still just black with the menu music in the background. When I press the windows key i can see the menu; however I cant do anything so I have to revert to the task manager to close the program. I have tried every possible compatibility. I forgot to mention this initially, but my os is 64 bit. Any other ideas?
  3. There is crackling from the front left speaker which isn't there when EAX is disabled Why this should happen I have no idea First noticed with Down by the Riverside but now there with no FM active - just the opening screen Also checked with Coercion and is also there but is masked by the ambient noise Are there any diagnostics I can try Edit - checked again in Down by the Riverside and it is there in the boat at the start but isn't there in the next section after drinking the potion but as soon as you enter the house (where the lady is sitting) it returns
  4. Hello, I'm trying to install The Dark Mod on a Toshiba P200 running Linux Debian/Jessie. I have followed wiki pages and read the FAQ. I don't know where is my mistake. When I launch ./thedarkmod.x86, I only obtain a black screen. To install The Dark Mod, I have created .doom3/darkmod in my home directory. I have downloaded doom3-linux- to install doom3 (in default directory /usr/local/games/domm3). I have checked that doom3 runs fine. I can lauch doom3 but as I don't have serial number, it stops with a dialog and ask for a serial number. I have downloaded The Dark Mod
  5. Hey, the Dark Mod 2.0 has recently stopped working for me. Prior to this, I installed one of the missions in-game (don't remember which one) and during the installation process, the game crashed to desktop. The next time I tried to launch the game (the next day) all I got was a black screen for a short time as if the game would launch and then a crash to desktop, as well as the following crash log: I'm guessing that the easiest fix would be to reinstall but maybe this gives the guys who created this great mod some technical feedback that they might implement in a later patch (?). Or
  6. +1 I have an Audigy card as well that makes really odd sounds with EAX enabled. It basically sounds like a jittery hang at the beginning of certain sounds. Also stereo sound doesn't seem to work as expected with EAX on. A character will be talking on screen in front of me, but will sound far left/right. I'm not sureabout diagnostics, I haven't run across too much on dooms sound engine and EAX in general. Is there any in-depth documentation on this?
  7. I have this issue, the screen goes black after the initial briefing for missions. I haven't been able to pay anything except for the training mission. I use an Nvidia card, there is no options relating to "edge detection".. I guess I could use the work-around of deleting the .cfg every time, but it'd be a giant hassle to rebind all my keys and change settings again. I'm open to any other suggestions, if anyone has any.
  8. Nope, water material and everything in front of it. Thanks to rich: _currentRender = what is currently rendered on screen Which is used for heathaze effect, takes what's rendered on screen, the warps the parts that are within the bounds of the (in this case) water.
  9. Evening Untill we get The Darkmod 2.0.+ running natively under OSX, here is a basic video tutorial on how to get TDM running under an mac application called " Play On Mac " Related threads - - http://forums.thedar...-distributions/ - http://forums.thedar...ds/page__st__75 http://youtu.be/IdA99m6YVlE And here is a screenshot of it running in a window, I also tested at full screen (1680*1050) with all TDM setting to low and got around 22fps.
  10. I recently purchased a used gaming laptop, model Terra 1590, reportedly something of a MSI Ghost derivative. Has a dedicated GTX970M video card, the monitor has full HD resolution. OS is Win10 Pro anniversary edition with the latest Nvidia drivers. Trouble is, I can't get it to use the native resolution. I can run it at 640x480, everything beyond that results in a distorted display, where I can only see the top left part of the "screen". Several searches came up blank, any suggestions?
  11. Try: (right click on desktop) screen resolution > make text and other items larger or smaller > Set to Medium also Fov Ratio is a decimal percentage. 16:9 is 1.7777777777 so seta fovRatio "1.778"
  12. Hi Freyk, Nothing was in the Darkmod.log, so I set the darkmod.ini to output all errors, warnings, debugs, info and changed the 0 to 1 on most LogClasses. The problem is that it appears that the game does not have a chance to actually log anything when this particular crash occurs. I opened the map in DarkRadiant and found that there are various VisPortals used around the map, this particular VisPortal has a flag called "shop_skip", which I assume is used as a function when first loading the map to skip the shop screen? From what I can see, every single VisPortal used in this map has thi
  13. After I edited a map file in a .pk4 archive, my main menu has gone missing. When I start TDM, I only get a black screen, then when I click the usual background pops up, but all menus are missing. I hear interface click sounds, but nothing else. Anyone else had this happen before?
  14. I noticed the following problem when I started playing The Siege Shop, but it may have occurred earlier, and I just wasn't paying attention. Whenever I leave TDM then launch it again, my gamma and/or brightness (hard to tell exactly) increases. My gamma setting remains at 0.8 and my brightness setting remains at 0.5, yet everything is much brighter. If I adjust the settings without resetting them, there is no change in the actual brightness of the screen. So in order to have the gamma and brightness settings that I want I must reset them, then adjust them every time I launch TDM. Does anyone k
  15. So let me get this straight. You connect the cable from the DVI Out on your GPU to the HDMI In on your TV-set using a converter? After which you get a lovely picture (?) on your set and your computer reverts to just the wallpaper. What do you mean by lovely picture on your set, is it just the wallpaper there as well or do you see your regular screen there? It sounds like a problem with assigning the primary and secondary screens. Right click on your desktop and pick "Screen Resolution..." You should find options for multiple screens there.
  16. I've noticed that sometimes the last line of a readable is missing (at least, I have to infer this from other information, because the text just stops short), and I remember having particular problems with the "Heart of Lone Salvation", because I seem to remember that some of the readables there are particularly important. Here's I think another example of the same problem, from the description of "A night to remember", this is from the in-game mission downloading screen before downloading the mission: Note that the last line of text reads And like always, she promises that this one
  17. Afternoon all I am creating a general Windows 10 tech support thread in order to detail any bugs/fixes/tweaks that people come across while using Windows 10 itself or with The Darkmod under Windows 10. I will be updating and tweaking this OP as we go and will provide an index with links to fixes as they come up. This is what I have found since completing the setup of Windows 10 pro on my PC - red - no fix found yet blue - working on fix green - fix found black - reported only Installing: How do I clean install windows 10 - if like me you have an SSD or just prefer to install windo
  18. Business as Usual fails to start for me too on my windows vista when downloaded Oct 20 and again on Oct 26. Hope some things below help in your investigation. Thanks for a great FM. Error: No error message. Pressing start mission on the difficulty screen loads the mission, the progress bar fills in one second, and returns to the start mission difficulty screen. Saved the FM to, C:\darkmod\fms\business\business.pk4 To test, I installed a fresh darkmod and didn't change the config files yet. To test, I rebooted the computer and turned off antivirus programs. To test, I can still play the old
  19. Thanks, I processed your test results and comments in a new version of the installer. Please download the new version (v20160717) from my google drive and run the tests again, mentioned in the first post. For now I only need the testresults for the installer and uninstaller and you can skip test 6 and 7. I cannot hide the unknown publisher warning, because i have to buy windowapp-certification files for it. i can disable this message by removing the elevated permission, but then people cant install TDM in their program-files-folder, if they want to.I tried to remove the checkbox that confirm
  20. Test 1: Yes, received welcome screen. Test 2: Yes, files installed successfully. Test 3: Yes, updater started. Test 4: Didn't get an error, clicked cancel. Test 5: Ran updater and files downloaded. Test 6: No problems Test 7: No problems Test 8: Successfully uninstalled.
  21. I have the same problem. I'm using Windows 10 (64bit). I have used the updater and everything is up to date. I can load a new mission from the start (only tried training and Tears of St Lucia so far) and save it without any apparent problem. When I try to load a saved game it I get the splash screen but after 2-3 seconds "Game Error. Couldn't load Thief DarkMod 2\Maps\SaintLucia.script" I have checked file permissions and given full access. I have removed 'read only' attributes from all files. The saved games directory is there with 3 files for each save (name.save; name.tga; name.txt)
  22. In any event, the in-game screenshot doesn't perform its job properly unless it's capturing the same image the player sees on screen, so it should be fixed to do that. It's not the most critical bug, but still something worth putting in the tracker to get to.
  23. Because screenshots don't include the in game gamma value. Everything is taken at 1. If you need to have that included, use FRAPS and have FRAPS take the screenshot, that should be the same as what's on your screen.
  24. OK. I tried all of those. Unfortunately, the problem remains. That's a good question. It goes straight from the game loading screen to the BSOD. It did crash to desktop once and gave me an open GL error message. I think it's same problem, but I cannot claim any great expertise on these matters.
  25. Here is updated info for NHAT missions: 20a) NHAT mission 1/3 - First after restarting DarkMod after installing mission the great thing is changed main menu theme. Second is the movie, wow! but sometimes pixels in this movie are corrupted. Next the animated intro, difficulty screen, I click start mission and after 1/4 of progress bar it returns to difficulty screen. I click start mission again, loading starts from the point it ended (!) and mission works great starting from another animation and then I can play(save/load too). 20b) NHAT mission 2/3 - first attempt escapes to objectives screen
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