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  1. Hey guys, So i have an issue that keeps happening, and after investigating all the logic possibilities, i have not clue what this is about. First, there is a room that all the inside walls appear void when looking from outside of it. When i get inside, the surfaces are rendered, but the place i come from becomes void (black). I removed ALL the visportals from that region. (From outside) (From inside- Lighting adjusted) Second, a wall used by 2 rooms also becomes invisible, but you can see the inside of the rooms from outside. When inside these rooms, everything is just fine. Then aga
  2. Personally I have a 3D screen and I don't play games that way for the most part, I don't even remember the last time I played a game using the 3D capability of my screen, but for VR I comprehend why people would want it. Btw idtech 3 (quake 3 engine) if i'm not mistaken has stereo capabilities perhaps someone with good knowledge of rendering code could see how it was done back then? Or even see how BFG does it? On my basic comprehension on how this stereo stuff works, it could be made by rendering two views (using two player cameras?!) with a small separation between them, then you
  3. Hi there! I bought a new PC (my old one was from 2001, so there's a lot of new stuff for me now ^^) and just installed TDM, but after starting it the title screen won't show properly. The upper left part of it takes up the whole screen, leaving only the first letters of some of the menu entries on the far right side. I guess this is a resolution problem, but I can't fix it. I already checked the graphic card drivers, tried other Windows resolution (can't change them ingame because I can't see the options menu) and tested various compability modes. The title screen stayed the same. Anyone got
  4. The system is 32 bit Fedora Linux 19 with Xfce, on a laptop that isn't exactly gaming, with intel graphics but the errors aren't related to poor gl implementation from intel. I've downloaded the game from this torrent: https://thepiratebay...torrent/9024163 that I've found on one of threads here. All seems well after download but when I start the game I must go to tty2 and manually ps and kill the process because it's just black screen and music and I can't/didn't find the way to quit it. It's as if all fonts and gui assets are missing. I get hundreds of warnings such as WARNING:Couldn't l
  5. Rather than necro couple year old thread I figured I should just make a new post in case others had the same issue I was and couldn't find an answer. I had the issue a couple months ago when I got Doom3 to try it and decided to give up figuring it was something with Steam version etc. Trying the Stand Alone 2.0 I had the same issue. I was able to launch the game and change game settings (which were muddied) but after I chose to restart the game the screen would be black and could hear the flicking over menu options with the mouse. In order to see the game again I had to delete darkmod.cfg
  6. Evening Atm I have a bunch of shortcuts for my various mission in my quicklanch and a main shortcut on my desktop. The mission shortcuts are as follows - E:\Darkmod\TheDarkMod.exe +set com_allowConsole 1 +set r_fullscreen 0 +set fs_currentfm campaign I would like to force the short on my desk(which i use to play a mission rather than test it) to full screen and use a specified resolution (1680*1050),I can force to full screen but not at the correct res. So my question is can I edit the shortcut to suit or perhaps run a custome config file..?
  7. I've just downloaded the updater and run it to create a fresh tdm install on my laptop (running Fedora 20), and when I run TDM it causes my login session to quit! Here's the result of running ./thedarkmod.x86 >&tdm.log: The truncated last line is how it appears in the log. The graphics card is reported as VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06) by running lspc | grep VGA , so I guess it's pretty basic. I can't think of anything else relevant to report. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi I just installed your mod and wanted to give it a test ride but it seems not to load quite as it should. Im running pathced doom3 for linux (1.3.1) on Ubuntu 9.10 and the log that doom produces is: renderSystem initialized. -------------------------------------- 5194 strings read from strings/english.lang Couldn't open journal files execing editor.cfg execing default.cfg execing DoomConfig.cfg execing autoexec.cfg set r_lightScale = 2.0 Autoexec_base ok. 5194 strings read from strings/english.lang ----- Initializing Sound System ------ sound system initialized. ----------------------
  9. Well well well. I don't know which of those settings made the difference (r_glCoreProfile is set to 2, by the way), but it seems to work properly now. Do you want me to try recreating the problem to determine which setting was important, or shall I just take this as a win? I've attached the console log file, there are quite a lot of warnings on loading, but maybe this is normal? Otherwise looks ok to me. For this log I just started the map, let the conversation finish, saved the game, checked the menu screen was working, climbed up towards the generator and onto the open window ... an
  10. Do you know where to find vcrun2015? It doesn't seem to be among the other components. The video problem (the black screen) remains when I launch the game in windowed mode with low screen resolution. The screen also stays black when I try to start the game using start argument "+set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 0" I created a log (I think) using your instructions: [game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 374):INI (INIT) FR: 0] LogFile created at 2018.10.08 13:37:14[game\DarkModGlobals.cpp ( 377):INI (INIT) FR: 0] Executable last cleaned and rebuilt on May 16 2018 15
  11. Downloaded 2.07 update, neither the x64 launcher nor the normal x32 launcher work. The x64 launcher only gives me a black screen and then goes back to desktop. The usual x32 launcher gets me a black screen with the TDM mouse in the center and nothing more, if I click around the game goes into not responding mode and crashes as well. Tried deleting and redownloading the game but still doesn't work. Is the forum working correctly? Can't upload any files from my game directory, but I can upload the DxDiag file (it says "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of a file"). DxDiag_laptop
  12. This just started today with my update of SVN to 15737/8388 followed by a rebuild. Some textures (not limited to the door texture shown) are painted black in-game. (Working fine prior to the latest update.) For textures on frobable items, normal highlighting appears when the item is frobbed. For textures on non-frobable items, the texture remains black regardless of distance from the object. Backing away to turn off highlighting paints the texture normally. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. I can repeat this BUT black is resolved by quick save\load, i.e. it's only black between map start and first load. Also, I can see the quick save/load adds draw calls and tri count. Is this what you see too? If so, it's probably related to BFG-style area\portal culling changes.
  14. This matches what I’ve been seeing. Consecutive game starts w/o rebuilds might blacken the same textures, or the previously black sections might render normally and new sections turn black.
  15. I'm having a bit of trouble with my resolution settings. I had to recently reinstal my game. Doom 3 and TDM went in just fine. But everytime I load the mod, regardless of the resolution, the entire title screen is oversized so that I only see the top half of the thief and the left corner of the title menu. I've tried manually setting darkmod.cfg and creating an autoexec.cfg to 1920x1080, r_mode -1. Nothing works. If I go to windowed mode, I can get the game to display in a low resolution 480 window, but that's about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, and keep up the good work. This
  16. That's a really poor analogy, since car mirrors are one of the core functionalities of a car. It's more like an FM being shipped with light gem being dark all the time. You seem to be great at dogmatic theories from decades ago, but you're out of touch with modern practice. That's how development works these days, for quite some time now. Project scopes change all the time. Deadlines move, people have to abandon functionalities or settle for less. They leave half-working things in the background, move items to the backlog, so they can work on them when time / client allows. There are s
  17. Arch Linux, stable build, amdgpu drivers (rx480), GNOME-SHELL DE, primary display 1440p144hz, secondary display 4k 50hz. Upon launching the game, display settings are altered from join-displays to mirrored. Also, fullscreen is impossible when attempting to run the game with the 4k screen as the primary display.
  18. I updated SVN to see if I could confirm the problem, but when I try running the game all I see is a black screen. I can hear the music and the sounds of the options, but can't see anything, even when trying to pull down the console.
  19. I've deleted tdm_base01.pk4 and run the update again. the problem still appers, only difference is, that the blackscreen is coming a later. for the first 2 or 3 seconds you can see a grey screen now. the driver version is 8.970.100.9001 (see screenshot) I tried to update it but it always says it's the newest one. I really think the only way to solve that problem is to buy a better grapic card.
  20. I'm desperate to play TDM but I just can't get past the blank menu screen problem. I have a native Linux (Ubuntu Lucid) Doom 3 install which runs perfectly on a Dell Inspiron 1525 (Intel X3100 integrated graphics) but no matter what TDM fix, update, or install I try, I always get a blank menu screen with just a cursor and the TDM music playing. I've clicked about on the blank screen before and have seen some sort of intro running so I'm pretty sure this is just a problem with the menus. I've been trying to get TDM running for weeks now and have trawled this site and google for fixes but have h
  21. Hello Taffers, Today when I tried TDM, and the resolution was not full screen. I don't know why, i changed absolutely nothing. This is the effect on my screen: http://bayimg.com/nAkOOAADG (the game start perfectly but not scale at full screen, i have alway the the little black border on left high, as you can see on the image) I tried configuring a lot of settings in the doomconfig.cfg on the darkmod root, but without any success :-( Any idea/suggestion to solve this? My HW/SW configuration is on my sign.
  22. Strange ... After trying to capture in-game screenshots for comparison between 2.06 and SVN, and taking Windows screen captures for comparison, the problem has morphed to: SVN is darker than 2.06, but the "nearly-all-black screen" condition that I saw has changed to a "noticeably darker, but not all-black" condition. Since I invoked SVN by accident while working with my WIP in 2.06, I'm willing to let this go until we get into 2.07 beta and see how other existing missions behave. Perhaps it was some unexplained momentary glitch on my end.
  23. Black screen or black window? Perhaps a screenshot of the files in your tdm folder (detailed view with file sizes, etc)
  24. When a user run the updater, the developer of the updater inspects the user that uses a stable to internet and tdm mirrors. You could create code to download files from a mirror, change the weight of some mirrors in the the tdm-mirror list. Does the tdm updater for linux, generates screen-output, a tdm-mirror file and tdm-log? If so, check the screen output, content tdm_update.log. And change mirror selection in the tdm-mirrors.txt. (dont forget to use the startup arguments of the updater) My advice is to read the installation manual on the wiki, check my code on my github page
  25. I once got tdm working on my desktop once, and it was great! But I have since scrapped it, and now have a laptop instead. Though I have got it running on my laptop, things aren't as smooth as hoped. For instance, if I enable vsync the game becomes VERY choppy, even from the menu screen. This makes it virtually unplayable. I've managed to get it to run by forcing vsync off in the nvidia control panel, but this has left me with the annoying lines that vsync corrects. Also, one thing I have not been able to change at all is the the screen size. For some reason the game doesn't utilize my entire s
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