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A horsedrawn stage coach, and some new lamps. They would use these coaches in the past for covering long distances overland with packages, passengers and maybe also funds for a business transaction on

Downloads - the most up-to-date To install, place or extract the archive into the darkmod/fm folder of your mission. Furniture & Shelving - a batch of models and prefabs in the furniture

Dunedain19 and I have been consulting in these last days to create a new lamp:   The single bulbs come with 704 tris, the double bulbs are 1180 tris. They come with straight or curved gas pipes.  

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On 7/3/2020 at 5:15 PM, Dragofer said:

Here's a blue version of the elemental, to better befit environments with a cooler colour palette. The download link has been added to the front page, and is slated for inclusion in 2.09.


If only I would have seen this before HHTLC was released.

These blue guys would have been perfect to point out that they belong to a different class of Elementals and they might be friends of the player!   :)

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12 hours ago, Dragofer said:

Here's a new batch of models and prefabs in the furniture & shelving department:




Very good arrangement, thank you for that!

At some point I will update HHVF again. Then these awesome tables come in at the right places. :)

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