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On 2/3/2024 at 11:03 PM, peter_spy said:

I've never been into deck building games, but this one is excellent. Fairly complex, but unfolding slowly, and super addictive. The "just one more go" syndrome is strong with this one :D


That's one way to not spoil what this game is actually about! 😄

Absolutely excellent game and so meta.

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horizon forbidden west has finally made it to pc as well :).

so far i like it but i have a few gripes with the stearing which is even more akward than the first horizon game, but i guess that's the price to pay for a console port...

game also has framegen which imho is kinda wtf ?!? because the game runs completely fine without it at 4k so only something for bragging rights i guess.

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finally beat forbidden west but jeez that stearing scheme is atrocious...

so you happily stroll along at a mountain side then want to steer past a big boulder but instead of strafing it does a dodge move throwing you a gazillion kilometers from the mountain side fallling to your death yeah well...

the shield shute sometimes fails to inflate when jumping down so pretty much the same as above ouch...

then when you need to dodge an incomming attack the damn bots cheat and hit you anyway groan...

nice story though, but they need to do something about the steering on PC we do not use force sensitive mouse and keyboard ffs 🤣.

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So there's a remake coming for Little Big Adventure 1 (or Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure). During development the team desided to move from Unreal engine 5 to Unity..


Seb developed a small tool to setup the pathfinding – that is, the ability to tap a point on the screen and have Twinsen follow that direction. This tool interprets the original game’s data to reconstruct the level and identify obstacles.

This tool opened a new world for us: using the original game’s data in a modern game engine. In practice, all the game logic (quests, dialogues, levels, even animations) is in the form of data. By importing it into a new engine, we can not only faithfully reproduce the game but also reinvent it.

The only hiccup in this story? Seb developed this tool on Unity 😅. After attempting to transfer this tool to Unreal, we made the strategic decision to migrate to Unity during last summer.

Source: https://www.littlebigadventure.com/en/behind-the-scenes-of-the-remake/

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nobbling along in homeworld 3 atm :), quite a bit different than the 2 (well 3 if you count cataclysm) previous games.

things like being able to hide your fleet or parts therof in debris / asteroid fields, ground assault etc.

dialog is mostly forgettable and where the the previous games focused on a people this seems to lock in on 4 select persons.

gameplay is fun though.

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