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5 hours ago, revelator said:

guess someone will newer figure out the boat is about to sink VR has mostly been a massive flop


The data doesn't seem to support that.


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the visuals are not that bad in witcher 1 ... games dont have to be ultra realistic to enjoy them xD The only gripe i had with it where the clunky controls and that it sometimes crashes when auto

Fallout: New California full mod now available   https://www.dsogaming.com/news/massive-fallout-new-vegas-fan-prequel-fallout-new-california-is-now-available-for-download/    

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could also be the result of the massively inflated prices on newer gfx cards we have experienced lately, still not possible to get an RX6800 in denmark which is anywhere near the retail price. Not that the idea is bad with VR i just think it needs to be a little more refined before it really catches on, then maybe the prices on them will fall to a reasonable stage.

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