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[SPOILERS] Feature Request: An option for authors for end-of-mission statistics without the happy music/loot image

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This came up with in the TDM Mission Beta Testing forum.

I'm a mission player, not an author, but I'm posting this on behalf of mission author grayman as well as my fellow play-testers. 

William Steele 6: Baleford Museum is the mission we are currently beta-testing. 



The mission ends with the protagonist being gassed by the Hammerites as he attempts to follow one of them; and the next mission (William Steele 7: The Builder's Forge) starts with the protagonist escaping from a prison cell.

Because the ending of William Steele 6 is a unhappy ending, the author chose to end the mission with a "Time Passes" (and "William Steele's Story continues in Mission 7") message and there's no option for the player to get a list of mission statistics (amount of loot collected, the stealth score). 



My request (which I believe grayman agrees with, since grayman suggested I post here) is: Provide a way for mission authors to have an "less than happy ending" option where at the end of a mission, there's an option to go look at the mission statistics, but without the happy music and the imagery of piles of loot.

Side note: Wesp5 noted he has an unofficial patch that provides the ability for players to look at statistics at any time: https://www.moddb.com/members/wesp5/addons/the-dark-mod-unofficial-patch

                                       - prjames

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(Referenced the wrong mission's ending)
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  • nbohr1more changed the title to [SPOILERS] Feature Request: An option for authors for end-of-mission statistics without the happy music/loot image
21 minutes ago, peter_spy said:

Um... You know you are spoiling an ending to a mission that hasn't been released yet? 😕


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You can overwrite the mission_complete soundshader and the background image of the statistics GUI - I've done the former for Down by the Riverside

mission_complete				//overwrites stock
	editor_displayFolder river/meta

	volume 5

This won't be suitable for campaigns, however, because as far as I'm aware there's no way to change such things on a mission-by-mission basis (especially without making "illegal" edits of internal GUI files), only all or nothing. Got a bugtracker opened for that.

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As the refactoring in 5323, there would be option to skip success screen completely. Although it probably won't work for campaigns.
Also there would be option to replace music/background for success screen.

The music along can already be overriden, although the approach cited by @Dragofer is not the best one. Better find this text in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui, uncomment it and set the sound shader you want:

// Uncomment this to override the default mission success sound
//#define MM_MISSION_SUCCESS_SOUND_CMD "music mission_complete;"


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